The longest tunnels in the world

In the world there are thousands of tunnels. Tunnels for bicycles, tunnels for trains, tunnels for cars and more. But in this article are only the longest tunnels meant for the car. Sometimes, there are tunnels which pass under the water, but most of them are often those that pass through a mountain. The reason is quite simple: you come therefore faster from A to B. Read here the longest tunnels in the world!

Tunnels of the world

About finding the world are huge tunnels. All of these tunnels have different purposes, but the purpose of a tunnel is generally so in order to arrive more quickly at B of A. People can therefore travel faster, but also products and services can be delivered faster. This eventually yields with the objective of more profitable in the form of time, but also in the form of cash.
In the Netherlands, is the longest road tunnel currently the Westerschelde. This has a length of no less than 6.6 kilometers. At the time of writing, the top 10 below the list of the longest road tunnels in the world. There are in the world still longer tunnels, but also in terms of tunnels meant for trains. These tunnels are not included in this article.

10. Boajiashan

This tunnel is the number 10 on the list. The road tunnel has a length clear of over 11 kilometers. To be precise, 11.2 kilometers. The tunnel is located in the oriental world, even in China. It is located in Shaanxi Province and opened in May 2009. There are two tunnels longer in the country, but which are obviously higher in this list.

9. Gudvangen

228 meters longer the tunnel located in Norway, namely the Gudvangen tunnel. The name comes from the nearby village of Gudvangen. Its total length is therefore 11 428 meters and is therefore the number two in the country. Norway still has a tunnel that is longer. This Gudvangen tunnel existed for some time and was opened in December 1991.

8. Mont-Blanc

The Mont Blanc Tunnel is for many people a lot more famous than the previous two. This tunnel linking France and Italy the country through the highest mountain in Europe. With a length of 11 611 meters and the oldest tunnel looks sleek on the 8th place. This tunnel has been opened in July 1965.

7. Maijishan

The 2nd tunnel of China is therefore in 7th place and has the official name Maijishan Baoji. Compared to the Boajiashan tunnel is he more than a kilometer longer, namely 12 290 meters. Again, this is just like the other Asian tunnels a tunnel with a double tube. In Europe, these tunnels are not yet available. Here are all still tunnels with a single tube. This tunnel, which lies in Gansu, opened in 2009 and is not yet such an old tunnel.

6. Fréjus

The longest tunnel to France is the Fréjus tunnel. Also this tunnel is a link between France and Italy. He generally starts at Modane in France and ends at Bardonecchia in Italy. Opened in July 1980 with a length of 12 898 meters, it is number six in the world. This tunnel is used for the most part by the commercial traffic.

5. Hsuehshan

This tunnel with a length of 12 942 meters is located in Taiwan. In June 2006 he opened for road traffic and has the major advantage that the journey from Taipei to Yilan is reduced by one and a half hours. Now take this trip because only half an hour. Loosely translated it hard to pronounce name "snowy mountain".

4. Arlberg

Also this tunnel is one of the oldest tunnels. He has now been opened in the year 1978 and is located in the Austrian Tyrol. For this tunnel toll will be asked if you want to use here. Per hour there may some 1800 vehicles through it. Oh yeah ??, its length is 13 972 meters and is just not in the top three of the longest tunnels.

3. St. Gotthard

The St. Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland. As well as the famous tunnel in the world and certainly the best known to most Europeans. It is the connecting tunnel between northern Europe and the south towards Italy. A tunnel with a length of up to 16 942 meters and a built in September 1980 makes this tunnel until now the area code 3 of the longest tunnels in the world.

2. Zhongnanshan

Not the number one on this list, but the country China. The length of this tunnel is a whopping 18 040 meters long and cost just over 300 million euros. A cheap price for such a tunnel. Opened in January 2007 makes this young tunnel to one of the longest in the world. This tunnel runs under the Zhongnan Mountain, between Changan and Zhashui.

1. Laerdal

The absolute winner is the Laerdal tunnel and belongs to Norway. By far he is the number one because he is nearly 7.5 kilometers longer than its predecessor in China. The longest tunnel is 24 510 meters long! It connects Oslo, capital of Norway, and Bergen with one another. It was opened in November of 2000 and now offers the biggest advantage being that you no longer have to travel through mountain passes or a ferry. Remarkable and fun fact is that there are in the tunnel to find another three caves.