The maintenance of the motorcycle in a nutshell

isay 27-12-2017 Auto
After the motorcycle has been passed, many people immediately on the purchase of a motorcycle. What is often not realized is that the maintenance of such a motorcycle is an important aspect of motorcycling. Below is a brief description of what the key elements that occur in the maintenance and what is the idea behind it.

Tyres and tire pressure

The belts are brakes, together with the one of the most important parts of a motorcycle. Namely, they are the only contact between the motor and the road. Often the surface of the band that the road does not become more than a few centimeters. It is therefore crucial that the tires are often checked / replaced in time and the tire pressure before each ride is gecontroleerd.De correct tire pressure is specified by the manufacturer. For optimum operation of the tires it is important that the tires are always below the specified voltage. Doing so ensures better handling, shorter braking distances and longer tire life.
To keep the tires in optimum condition, it is first important to check the tire rubs such as nails, pieces of glass, etc.
In the second place, the tread of the tire should be checked. According to the law in the Netherlands of a motorcycle tire tread must be at least 1 mm depth amounts. In practice, however, the band are far more likely to be replaced. Often on the tire itself an indication indicated by a "afslijtrubbertje". This is usually a good reference point to determine if the tire needs replacing.


The brakes provide a controlled reduction of the built-up speed. This part is so vital in importance and do not fall for the tires. Always ensure a proper functioning of the brakes.
Hydraulically actuated disc brakes, it is important for the ride to check if there is sufficient brake fluid in the reservoir. If this is not the case then this may indicate a worn brake pads and / or brake system leakage. This can also observe and test by pressing the handbrakes and see if it feel spongy. If this is the case then the brake system should be checked and / or refilled.
For drum brakes, the control points on the drum and the moving part have sufficient distance when using the brake.


The battery supplies the motorcycle power and is essential for the normal functioning of the motorcycle and should be checked regularly. It is important that the amount of electrolyte are situated between the minimum and maximum indents. Any leakage of the battery must be replaced immediately.
If the battery is not used for a longer period is advisable to keep it recharged using a trickle charger. This charger ensures that the battery retains its optimal performance.


Good lighting makes sure you are seen by other road users. Both dark and during the day it is important to enter the correct lighting.
Check all lights for proper operation. Keep a spare bulb / fuse in the event of failure to replace them immediately.


Oil ensures that the engine is cooled, is kept clean and lubricated. With the change in time of the engine oil can prevent the engine from "crashing" the engine pollutes and / or the engine runs less smoothly. Also, the lifespan of an engine is largely determined by the frequency of oil replacement.
First of all, it is important to keep track of good when the oil has been replaced. In many cases the oil is every 6000 km / each year should be replaced. Especially for older engines the oil must be changed more often than new engines.
The oil level should be checked regularly. This can be done in two ways; in older motorcycles this is often checked by means the dipstick. To this is a minimum and a specified maximum. The level should be between these two values. The most ideal level is sitting on the third quarter of the minimum. Make sure the gauge stick is wiped before reading the gauge. Because of this fact can be read from an erroneous value.
On modern bikes the oil level can be read through a sight glass. This applies to the value must lie halfway between the slide. It is important that the motor is fully upright in order to prevent there erroneous value is read.

Chain and cardan

In many cases, motors are provided with a chain drive. Especially with faster motors this is necessary because of the high forces that are released.
In some cases, a shaft drive is used. This is a belt i.p.v. a chain. A big advantage of a cardan drive with respect to a chain is that it is virtually maintenance free. All that can be checked on if necessary. leakage from the shaft.
A chain is a part where many forces are released. It is therefore important that they are often and well lubricated. Every 300 km is not uncommon, especially when it rains it is important that this happens regularly. The tension of a chain largely determines the life of the chain. The clearance of the chain should be approx. 2.5 cm. This is easy to measure in the middle of the long piece of the chain.


Coolant keeps the engine -with the exception of air-cooled engines - cooled by liquid. The coolant can be controlled via the degree meter in the reservoir.
Never unscrew the cap of the reservoir or expansion tank in one go off when the engine is still warm. Sometimes the fluid under pressure and hot gases can cause severe burns.


Each engine is different and has different forms of "attention" needed. It is convenient to buy a workshop manual for the correct type of engine. It contains all the points that are important for the respective motor. Certainly the periodic maintenance has been using such a service manual well to conduct itself.