The Mayans knew the wheel

There circulate all kinds of images about the Mayas that are not right. A common view is that the Mayas did not have the wheel. That is a misconception as there are all sorts of objects with wheels have been found that were made by the Mayas. Dity apart from the fact that there are big giant wheels were used in the ballgame of the Mayas.
Animals with wheels on the feet. Today we find this reflected in children's toys. That does not mean that the Mayas this statue made as toys. The wheels indicate that the animal is moving. Perhaps children were unrolling the object of an inclined ramp.


  • The wheel as a milestone in the history of mankind
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  • Fly
  • Mayas were smarter than Europeans

The wheel as a milestone in the history of mankind

The wheel is seen as an important invention for the development of the human race. That it immensely along. The Mayas knew an advanced society to build without prominent use of the wheel, while it was on the level of the properties of the wheel. The reason Mayas did not use the wheel to be sought according to historians in the fact that we live in very mountainous areas. A chariot pulling a mountaintop is even now a whole company. The caravan is not recommended to drive on a mountain. Often it is even forbidden because too many accidents happen.


The Mayas used llamas as beasts of burden. This contributed to the harvest of the arable land to the city. In mountain regions of Europe donkeys are used as pack animals. High in the mountains farmers are unlikely to be tempted to use a cart on wheels. Because of gravity bewield a vehicle will always tend to show the lowest point to look at. Historical researchers have these physical truth long overlooked and concluded that the Mayas were not very smart because they did not know the wheel. The Mayas knew the wheel well but did not use it, just as there are academic historians who do not use their heads.


The wheel of the Mayas occurs in all kinds of'speelgoed'. It has small objects found which is thought that it is a toy. The objects tell a story. There are objects of bewielde animals, human figures and spaceship-like figures. The Mayas knew stories about a people who understood the art of flying. When you can fly, you do not need wheels. This is one possible reason that Mayas did not use wheel. All the other nations knew stories of flying machines from ancient times. Among the historians there is a big disagreement. Some historians say that all the stories of the Celts, Scandinavians, Chinese, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayas, Japanese, Tibetan, and many African nations about flying gods are myths. Other historians think that people in ancient times indeed mastered the art of flying.
drawing about 2,300 years old figurine

Mayas were smarter than Europeans

The main wheel of the Mayas that we know is the calendar wheel. This calendar is more precise than the European, Julian calendar. The Mayan calendar consists of one another in revolving circles. The fact that this formation is a circle indicates that the Mayas knew a lot about the circulation of the planets. The Mayas were able to calculate the emergence of stars and planets. The Mayas could also calculate solar and lunar eclipses in the future. She knew about the phases of Venus. All these insights, you can only have when you know that the planets are around. In the time that the Europeans discovered the Mayas, many thought the world was a flat disk. The Mayas were this far ahead of their European counterparts. That the Mayas were smarter than Europeans remains hard to swallow for scientists. To depict the Maya Society as a wheel-less, underdeveloped society European scientists were able to hide their shortcomings.