The Mazda MX-5 NA: history, buying tips and prices

The Mazda MX-5 is from its introduction in 1989 until now the best-selling open two-seater. The success of this car means a lot also on the used car market are still available in good condition at acceptable prices. Especially the first model is still to get an affordable price, this article looks at this first model, specific buying tips and target prices.


Around the 1973 oil crisis, the once popular two-seater sports were ?? s brands like MG, Triumph and others built a lot less popular. For they were impractical, now obsolete cars and no other benefit than pleasure, and another with high maintenance and operating costs. These factors have the market's neck turned after most manufacturers have not dared to touch this market.
In 1979, however, the leadership of Mazda was involved in a conversation with an American car magazine, about the decline of this sport cars. This conversation began to roll the ball, then called P729, a study was initiated to open a small lightweight sports car. In April 1984 this followed the presentation of the first draft and August saw the first clay models the light. The design was approved and could proceed to the next stage; in November of that year an English company was hired to create a prototype. The presentation of this prototype in California made so many good comments apart the company in 1986 decided to take the model into production. On February 9, 1989 the new Mazda MX-5 was presented at the auto show in Chicago. From July were the first available in the showroom. It took less than six months before there were already sold 33,000 units of. In America, this model would, moreover, are sold under the name Miata, in Japan, it would be sold under the name Eunos Roadster.
Over the years, the model was richer and better equipped, until it was eventually replaced by a new model MX5 in 1998, the type NB. From 2005 was also replaced by a new model, the NC. NA, the first model was initially sold only with a 1.6L engine, which had 116pk. From 1993 there came the powerful 1.8L engine with 131pk. Unfortunately however tweaked the 1.6 90hp engine in 1994, with the rationale behind drawing more customers. This pinching incidentally happened only in Europe. Eventually this first model 400,000 pieces to be built, before it was replaced by the NB.

Purchasing Tips

Of course, apply to this car, like any other car, the same standard shopping tips like checking the papers, APKrapporten, oil, test drive, etc. Yet come to this model some additional buying tips, it is indeed called an open sports car. In general it can however be argued that this car is very reliable and robust.
Since it is a sports car, this car provokes a certain behavior that could have caused damage. Precisely for this reason it is especially important to check with this model in color differences or other indications that the car has ever been repainted. This may indeed indicate that it was a damaged car. In addition, it is important to lower the car, especially before and after, to watch any bent metal or even there signs of refinishing. The panels of the car should also be checked for any signs of previous damage. The seams between the panels must have the same width, as they anticipate wider or narrower had the car damage.
Another risk with this car is the battery. There is often used a wrong battery could leak faster than the original. Check around the battery well for any leakage of acid or the rust is a result of this.
Since it's a convertible, the hood must also be inspected. A new hood does cost just under 1000 euros, an amount that can be better saved. If the diamond exhibited brown spots, this is rapidly replacing. In addition, check the zipper on the hood, and the hood itself on a good connection to the car and any cracks or wear.
The biggest problem that the MX-5 is rust. The car is very sensitive to rust, especially at the rear wheel arches. Check here on. Take a look at any bumps in the paint; these are also an indication of rust. If there are at the rear wheel arches rust, forget the car then. When the MOT is too much of this rust a rejection norm and repair is expensive. However, there are companies that buy the old MX-5 ?? s precisely with these rust and insert new panels where they also ensure that no water can come in. A car wherever it is done, also in the future suffer less from typical rust damage and may be worth slightly more expensive price. Check the car ?? s also putty; This can with a tiny magnet.


A Mazda MX-5 in good condition is to find a price around 5000 euros. Whether it is a version with a 1.6 or 1.8 engine makes almost no difference in price. If the choice arises for a European or an American MX5 Miata, it's better to go in luxury for the Miata. These are all much more luxurious standard features, where these are called packages in the European version.