The MOT: In which areas will be inspected there?

The APK is for many people an obligation that is not always true. For safety reasons, however, it is a good way, so that they are not faced with unexpected inconveniences. As an MOT nevertheless often involves costs, it's useful to know what is checked during an MOT and where the car has to meet. The APK is a statutory inspection from Europe aims to promote road safety and environmental protection. Usually, the car must be inspected from the third or fourth year after the construction of the car. This depends on the fuel type and the authorization date. For relatively older car ?? s it should be inspected each year.
The car is then inspected for a year, but that does not mean that the car is therefore a year with no problems will travel. During the MOT, the car inspected by a number of mandatory points, but no maintenance is being carried to the car. Obviously, you want the car coming through the ups and minor parts will be replaced by the garage, making the car still comes through the test.

The mandatory items of an MOT

There are numerous points where the car is inspected and they must all meet the requirements of the national government. The car is often tested at several points, but the government has imposed the following requirements in 2015.
Common Features
  • The horn must operate and can only produce a tone.
  • The windscreen washer on the front has to work and the wipers have to do it. In addition, the blades should clear the good should not hang down the rubber.
  • The heater fan must be able to produce to the minimum air on the windshield.
  • The fuel filler cap must shut properly.
  • The battery must be secured.
  • The fuel lines must not have any leaks.
  • There must be sufficient brake fluid in the reservoir.
  • The brake lines may show partial rust, but they must not have wells as a result of corrosion.
  • Oil leakage is no point of disapproval, but in severe leakage is a note made on the judge's report.

  • The brakes should all work well.
  • The brake discs must have an acceptable thickness.
  • The brake discs may be a little rusty, but may not exceed 50% rust include the part where the brake pad pushes against the brake disc.
  • Almost worn brake pads or brake shoes are allowed, but this will be backed notes. If there is iron in iron, the car will be rejected accordingly.
  • The brake hoses are in good condition and must not have any cracks or signs of dehydration.

  • The shock absorbers must be properly secured and must not leak.
  • The shocks of the springs must be whole. The attachment points must not be rusted as well. In addition, the leaf springs should also be very.
  • Support arm Rubbers may not be torn in such a way that contact is made of iron on the iron.

  • The steering is controlled by ball joints, flexible joints, steering rods, universal joints, steering wheel, steering column, stoefhoezen and bolts. There should not be too much play and everything must be firmly attached.

  • The tread depth of the tires is controlled, whereby a minimum of 1.6 mm tread depth is kept to. The advice will be to replace the tires under a tread depth of 2.5 mm.
  • There should be no cracks or bulges are visible in the armament of the band.
  • The wheel bearings should not be worn.
  • The tires must be mounted on the inside to the wheel arch.
  • No play of the wheel may be that there is greater than 1 mm.
  • The tire pressure is checked, but will usually not be a reason for rejection.
  • The tire of the vehicle is monitored, showing whether the correct tape is used for the car. The tires should be no more than 3 centimeters protrude from the fenders.
  • The direction of rotation of the tires is checked.

Used fuel
  • The RDW indicates what type of fuel the car and this must therefore agree with this.

  • The lighting in the front is to check that the right and left symmetrical burn. It looks at the city lights, high beam and indicators.
  • The light side is checked. Not only the direction but also the side marker lights.
  • The lighting at the rear is also checked. Here we look at the taillight, brake light, rear fog light, turn indicators and the lighting of the plate. Also, these shall be lit for symmetrical.

  • It is checked for rust on non-bearing parts and bearing parts. For load-bearing parts can rust on parts such as door sills, suspension parts or box girders reason to reject the car.
  • There are no protruding parts may sit on the body, such as wing nuts, ornamental strips and the like.

Exhaust emissions
  • Gasoline CO2 emissions are measured. In cars ?? s in 1993 or later, the APK has a viergasmeting. This determines whether the exhaust emissions remain within the legal norm. This is done by viergasmeting ?? s car with a petrol or LPG engine with a controlled catalytic converter.
  • In diesel engines, the emissions of soot measured.

  • All RDW approved auto companies must register since January 1, 2014 counters and pass it to the RDW. From this date it was also illegal to reverse the counter. These counters ?? of passenger cars and light commercial. The RDW manages these counters and supervises the reliability of the measurement.

The vehicle demonstration and the vehicle identification number
  • This data needs the APK inspector to check the information on the registration certificate. Without this information, the judge can not opt ​​out of the car at the RDW as being approved.

Required to contribute to a sample

The car can be selected by the RDW for a sample. This means that the car after the test must remain available to the RDW, so they can check the executed inspection of the garage. RDW auditor is performing this check shortly after the cancelation of the car. You are obliged to cooperate. When you refuse and still take the car, there will be no test certificate be issued. Even when the car initially good has come through the test. When still leaves approve the car later, they can just go to the tests at the RDW.

When should my car to the MOT?

RDW has a tool to see if a car needs an MOT. Based on your license plate number can be retrieved when needed. One can enter the registration number at the website of the RDW.
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