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APK is the abbreviation of General periodic inspection and in Europe is a statutory inspection which annually to promote road safety and protecting the environment should be done at every car, commercial vehicle, aanhangwgen and some special vehicles older than three years.

MOT in Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the MOT duty described in the Road Traffic Act of 1994. Under this law, you have to approve your vehicle laden shall be no greater than 3500 kg of annual leave. This only applies to vehicles which are more than three years on the road. Heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and some special vehicles must be inspected each year and hit the first three years is not over.

The inspection

The MOT is a snapshot and gives you no guarantee that your vehicle remains safe for the rest of the year to drive. This year, you should always carry out maintenance. When MOT only issues checks which have temaken with road safety and environmental protection.

APK for Motorcycles

An engine which averages less mileage than a car and a motorcycle is much less wear which is difficult to see. MOT is an engine therefore not obliged, but are advised to check regularly to allow the engine if you are not handy here itself.

Where you can let the MOT do

You can have your car in garages and inspection stations approved by the RDW. An approved or testing station can be identified by a sticker of the RDW. If you want an independent inspection, you have two options. You can contact independent testing organizations or by RDW.

Remember when MOT

  • Evidence vehicle / registration certificate part I

What is being tested at a MOT

  • Road safety: brakes, suspension, shock absorbers, tires, steering, lighting and bodywork.
  • Environment: Exhaust.
  • General: Evidence vehicle, vehicle identification number and the fuel used.
  • Other important points are: License Plates, soot measurement, viergasmeting, mileage and duplicate code.
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I stay in the Netherlands for some time, now I see that my car with Spanish number plates, MOT judged to be where I can have it done in the Netherlands?


Hello, my question is the same as that of Marco van Mullem. My car with Spanish number plates should have been judged in February ITV but circumstances did I let him stand in the Netherlands and be flown back to Spain. Can I leave him here MOT approval and ride back to Spain?


Hello, I recently had my car to approve a Spanish ITV station for the coming year, according to the RDW is not valid. Does anyone know anything more about it?


Hi, I have a Spanish company car whose approval has now lapsed. Normally I am going to accept the car in Spain, but now that has not happened because the car was not used. I now want to use the car back but would then have a valid inspection. I can offer your car in the Netherlands?


Day, Recently I bought a car imported from Netherlands in belgieHoe I can obtain a duplicate of the last MOT test in Netherlands? Regards Henk


Has car seats cover Rev Inspection, can be rejected by a defect in the left seat of the car?