The new driving test in 2008

In the first years after obtaining their driving many young people get involved in a traffic accident. This has been an important reason to make changes in driver training and driving test. The aim is to reduce accidents. Until April 1, 2008, it is still possible to get the "old way" exam. After that it is only possible to take a new driving test. Here are the main features of the new driving test in a row.

Main changes

Because young drivers who have just passed their driving test, a relatively common accident cause a lot of attention during the driving test given to independent driving and hazard perception.

Independent drive

Earlier, it was so that the examiner indicated exactly what to do, "the next left", "right at the first opportunity." The new driving test can go as follows:
  • You can own a piece away and decide where you're going to go
  • You can ride on the instructions of a navigation
  • You get a few pointers from the instructor at once
  • You get to drive the assignment to a known point. The route is up to you

The independent driving is practiced during the lessons. It's okay if you do not arrive at their destination. The main point is to make the right decisions on the road and drive responsibly.


During an exam, it is possible that after a certain traffic situation occurred, the driving instructor asks you to put the car to one side. This does not mean that you have done wrong. You will then get a number of questions about the situation and why you acted as you have done. Again, it goes back to that lets you find that you drive responsibly.

Special maneuver

Again, it is expected more independence and you are freer in making a choice. For example, you will be asked if you want to go this road on the way, but you must choose which place to do it. Another possibility is that you are asked to park as close to the supermarket. It is obvious that also looks here again if you make responsible decisions.

Interim test

The mid key is more adapted to the new exam. The exemption for specific operations will remain in effect. It does not matter whether you've passed the old or new interim test. You're then entitled to an exemption from the special operations component.

Self Reflection Form

The form you fill in your lessons or at the beginning of the exam. On this form you can indicate what your strong points and some points for improvement. By consciously think about your weaknesses, you can work on it. The answers to the self-reflection form will not count towards the result. The form will be discussed after the driving test to look together at how any weaknesses can be improved.

Environmentally aware driving

Environmentally conscious driving is good for the environment but also for your wallet. During the exam you will be on your driving behavior will be assessed according to the principles of the new drive. This means that are examined include whether you switch on time.

The theory exam

The theory exam will of course also be adjusted. The duration of the theory test has remained the same. As of January 1, 2008 the theory exam consists of three parts:
  • Regulatory
  • Traffic Insight / risks
  • Hazard

The first months of 2008 questions about hazard recognition will not be counted. Later in 2008 this section will be count and then expanded to 25 questions.
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