The new motorcycle

twigzlet 06-03-2018 Auto
Parliament late in 2006 introduced a new rule that the withdrawal of the license makes a lot less fun. Motorcyclists under 24 years old are not allowed on a heavy motorcycle. The first age was 21 years.

Change in age limit

Riding a motorcycle without power limit is the ultimate goal for most motorcyclists. When you experience the real feeling of the freedom of motorcycling you never want anything else. By adapting in regulation of the European Parliament it is now only permitted for novice motorcyclists to switch on their 24th in a motor without power limitation. The change in age limit is not the only change that has taken place. The maximum power is increased for drivers up to 24 this year from 25 to 35 kW.
Some opinions and objections of the MAG, Motorcyclists Action Group, have not resulted in a different decision. With a view taken on the safety, these decisions. The problem then is that when starting at a later age, it is not secure. This is like the proposals to allow young people at an older age starting with motorcycle riding. Right now shifts the risk to a year, and there will not be fewer accidents.
Motorcyclists are sorry when they were at an early age are planning to get their driver's license quickly. The rule is good when it concerns young people who are just 18 and thinking a motorcycle of more than 100 ?? 150 horsepower to handle. Often, these guys just a moped on a motor step and underestimate the entire motorcycling. This group thinks more to than they actually can. This while just need to understand the risk ?? s and see the potential hazards.
The period between obtaining a license and may actually drive away with an unlimited engine is still two years. It is a learning period for most people so they can experience the content of the speed, maneuverability and visibility. The dangers in the form of being seen, vulnerability and possibly a little afraid of the prowess of the motorcycle, are good for the experience of the novice motorcyclist. Some others can not wait till the time allowed off the boundary and the restriction no longer applies. These are the greatest risk to which the European Parliament has decided that the age limit is lifted.