The new smart card check-in and check-out

As of July 9, 2014 has come: the paper ticket is abolished and we should all go traveling with the OV-chip card. All drives come gateways and existing gates slowly close. Also we will all eventually check in and check out. What are the biggest changes as you travel by train, bus or subway?

The chip card

The Hague ruled that we can all go traveling best with one card in public transport: the OV chip card. This has a number of reasons. So it is easier and more user-friendly if we all have one card for bus, train, tram and metro. This ensures among other things for a better flow at the stations and on the bus. Whether the travel is actually easier to be seen. What is clear is that when the gates at the stations close, the nuisance is reduced and safety is promoted.

Check in

But what will change now that you can not buy a paper ticket more and must pass on the OV-chip card? It just depends on how you're traveling. If you do not often travel by train, you can buy a single ticket that you can only travel on the route that you have paid in advance and also you should check in with this card. It is a paper ticket with a chip in it and you subject to a surcharge of 1 euro. This is only profitable if you do not go so often by train and they are not available at all ATMs and at all stations. Another option is to buy a home e-ticket which can be purchased via the NS website and print them. Both cards can no longer be purchased at a discount. If you frequently travel by public transport, once you better pay 7.50 for a chip where you can put on balance to travel.

Types of OV-chip card

There are two types of public transport smart cards: anonymous and personal OV-chip card. Both must have a minimum balance of 20 euros are to travel with it and both are valid for five years. Due to privacy reasons, it is conceivable that you prefer an anonymous OV-chip card. However, in case of theft or if you lose the card, you'll lose the amount that was on the card. If this happens to you with a personal chip card, you get paid this amount as the card is linked to your personal information. An anonymous card you at the station and many other locations to buy directly. A personal card must be purchased online; it may take about a week before you will receive the card. With a chip card you can travel on trips and balance on account.

Check in for students and together trip discount

For students themselves, nothing changes: students their product remains the same work as before, and you must still Check. It will change what people traveling with students and all others who use together trip discount. Before traveling with someone, you have to pick up the product at a discount ticket machine. This means you will not with the new paper card with chip can travel with anyone but you anyway have to have a chip where a minimum of 10 euros to balance state and you load it together travel product for that trip. If the person with whom you are traveling off halfway step out and you want to continue traveling without discount, then you have to pick up along the trip off of your card through a machine. Since the discount after 35 minutes after check-out expires, you will after that time when you get back together with trip off to travel back, to load the product back on the map. From autumn 2015 the NS performs together with ABN AMRO pilot from traveling with the bank card, based on the same technology as contactless pins. NS also developed the ability to go out into the mobile phone and check. These opportunities will be available at the earliest in 2016 for travelers.

Route free and Border Subscriptions

All holders of Monthly and annual season subscriptions are transferred to a so-called Free-Range subscription. Fixed cost can be unlimited travel on a route between two stations. These subscriptions are sold only online and can not be purchased at the stations. So keep in mind in advance that it may take a week before the card is delivered.
If you have a Jaartraject- or Border Subscription, you do not have to check in and out. However, you can use the map to open any gates at the station, but this does not affect the balance. Also this is the only target that can buy an e-ticket with 40% discount, this possibility is abolished for all other cardholders.

International travel

For example, to a day trip to Brussels, then you travel internationally. You can do this online by name order a card, pay and print. You have a paper ticket with a barcode on it; So there is no chip in. Not all stations are already suitable gates with a barcode reader and therefore will initially not all turnstiles at the stations close. Furthermore it is not possible to check in and out with your chip card at stations abroad; you always traveling through the international paper ticket.

Travelling by public transport

It is possible for children to load a Railrunner on a chip, but also to buy a paper ticket with a chip with a product Railrunner it. The full introduction of the OV-chip card, it is now not only possible to travel from one carrier long distance off, but with all carriers. For bicycles and dogs loose paper card with a chip can be purchased from the vending machine; This of course do not need to check in and out. Finally, if a station is closed off with gates and you want your loved one still dropping on the platform, this is possible if you have a chip. You can check in at a gate and if you are within an hour checking out at a gate on the same drive, then no costs will be charged and you still had access to the platform.