The Pelni-boat transport in the Indonesian archipelago

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After the Dutch have retreated from the Dutch East Indies and the archipelago initially united states of Indonesia has been called, there is no one way more laid. There is no kilometer railway tracks have been added. Therefore, the plane and the boat are an important means of transportation in Indonesia. Pelni is an abbreviation of Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia.


  • What is the Pelniboot?
  • Deck-ticket
  • Stores
  • Tickets
  • Lifeboat
  • Cockroaches

What is the Pelniboot?

The Pelni is a society that ferry service between several cities in Indonesia. Since Indonesia is an archipelago, a ferry service between ports is very efficient.


On the Pelniboten different classes are present. The most luxurious class is the class A1. Here you share with one person a hut and you are invited three times a day to eat a meal in the restaurant. By Western standards, it is not really expensive for a trip of 20 hours including meals only cost around 50 euros. However, this is an Indonesian soon half a month's wages. Local people take a deck ticket. They spread a blanket out on the deck, in the stairwell or somewhere in the hallway and goes there or lie down. People sell things like water, sandwiches, fried rice, and also in Papua areca. Unlike in the Netherlands have to have a vendor not expensive permits to bring merchandise to the man.


Aboard the Pelni are all kinds of shops, groceries, where your coffee, soft drinks, biscuits or eat can buy. Just make sure you pay with little money because they will find a foreigner try to scam by pretending they do not have change. Rather than change vendors write a note that says how much money you have credits in the hope you buy something from them. If you insist, then suddenly they still seem to have plenty of change and they have their excuse.
Pelni by Night
Some sleep on the lifeboat.


The Pelni boat you can take from Jakarta to Makassar and on to Papua or the other direction Aceh. Please note that the ticket-checking different about going than in the Netherlands. Everyone is allowed on the boat, even those without a ticket. These have to buy a ticket on the boat. To check everyone do it at some stage for half an hour all the doors so that people can not for the card checkers flights. From the viewpoint of safety, not every traveler this is a commendable method.


Pelni on a boat of course all kinds of places where you can not come because there include lifeboats. When I was there, there were many people who were in the lifeboats down and slept. The crew says nothing about it. Once it went wrong down because someone caught it on a safety belt which a lifeboat blew himself up and fell into the water. The boat had to turn around to lift the lifeboat back on board. This makes the trip took an extra hour to complete. Fortunately the lifeboat lights that switch on automatically as it was already dark.


Pelni boats are not suitable for all tourists. Most boats are downright nasty. Even in the 1st class cabins cockroaches running around. There are often sawed oil barrels which serve as trash but not everyone uses it. The garbage that is stopped on the boat a little later in garbage bags thrown overboard at sea. Indonesia is not a country where there is similarly dealt with the environment in the Netherlands. Separately, throwing the crew overboard marine debris worldwide.
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On standing at that site, you can fill in a departure and arrival port and check the times, This allows jke discover at least what are the various routes. Indonesia Knowing the times do not match. The Pelni boat arrives and departs three hours later., The boat comes to 2am, he leaves at 5 pm. Note that a local office Pelni they have up-to-date times which can differ, but also a number of hours with the actual arrival times. The reason that the time differences is that one does not take into account currents or something has happened aboard some attention from the crew vereist.http: //