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As of January 1, 2014 replaces the registration certificate in the form of a credit card, the two-part paper registration certificate. The card will be released under the name badge card.

For whom?

The registration card is the replacement for the two-part paper registration certificate and applies to all vehicle categories. As of January 1, 2014, all new cars and owners exchanged cars receive a registration card. Even when registration must be replaced, this will happen with a registration card. In this way should be gradually equipped all Dutch cars in the future of a registration card. It is expected that in 2019 this is the case.


?? The new registration card, which is good! Safe and handy. ?? Such is the meaning with which the registration card is introduced to the general public. The paper registration certificate consists of two parts; one for the data on the vehicle and one for the data of the license plate holder. On the registration card, both the data of the vehicle if the registered owner. Where you until January 1 2014 still your vehicle registration papers in the car had to have down, you can make use of a registration certificate as of this date just fits between the cards in your wallet.

Ascription Code

Until January 1, 2014 owners received a transfer certificate by registering the site of a vehicle. As of January 1, 2014 this transfer certificate is replaced by an ascription code. This code consists of nine digits, which is received in two separate parts. A part during the transfer and the other part is on the registration card that will have to be used by the RDW.De tennaamstellinscode sent when the vehicle changes hands, suspended, demolition or exported and therefore should be carefully preserved.


There is no change to the price of the registration certificate; the registration card remains as expensive as the two-part paper registration certificate.


The registration card contains a chip that contains the data. The ID cards are not at post offices, but made centrally at the RDW. Because the registration card contains more security features than the paper registration certificate, will make it more difficult after his. It is hoped that the card trade hampered in stolen cars. The ultimate goal of the registration card that enforcement agencies such as the police, always online can view the vehicle registration.

Data on the registration card

This table gives an overview of all mandatory and optional information which may come to a registration card for.

I also want a registration card ...

It is not possible to change your current paper registration certificate for a registration card. Only by putting the name of the vehicle or the loss of or damage to the vehicle registration papers, proof has been replaced by a registration card.
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