The Renault 4: type R4f4 and R4f6 Fourgonnette vans

Renault has been building since 1901 vans and it was therefore only logical that there soon after the introduction of the Renault 4 saloon, an order version was marketed. This was considered to be another hit. The Fourgonnette as they called type, was on the same chassis as the Renault 4 built.

The Fourgonnette f4

Since the type f4 on the same chassis was built as the passenger, the standard Renault 4, Renault had to develop a new chassis for the system version. The front was completely identical to R4, as is the interior. However, were there are seats, instead of a bank in mounted, wherein the passenger seat was optional, to be able to create additional space.
The reverse side had a nearly square cargo space, with a roof provided with a rounded girafon. A girafon a flap over the back, which can be put open to stabbing through long articles. The added advantage of this valve was the additional venting option on a hot summer day.
The payload of the f4 was about 1.8 cubic meters and the car was 300 kg. transport. In later versions, this was 350 kg. The first version was equipped with a 750 cc. motor and three gears, which is soon followed by a 850 cc. engine with 4 speed transmission. The primitive tube bumpers of the first types were replaced from 1964 by the pressed so flat bumpers. This only applied to the front bumper. The rear bumper was a simple tube model. F4 of the model has also been made a combi version with side windows and a rear seat so that it became possible to bring back passengers.

The Fourgonnette f6

This type is built on a 12 cm. lengthened chassis of the model of the persons embodiment. The front of the car was similar to the other types Renault 4. The f6 is more angular in shape and has large rectangular taillights and a new type of bumper. The extension and the slightly higher shape, resulting in a capacity of 2.2 cubic meters and could carry up to 400 kg. Naturally also made a combi version of the f6 with rear and sliding windows on the sides. Also, this type was fitted with the handy girafon.

The successor to the Fourgonnette

As the successor of the f4 f6 and the Renault express introduced in 1986. This concept car is Renault 5 as a base. Only the f4 in the system version is still produced for a while as a van, but sales quickly walk back.
In total Fourgonnettes just over 2 million produced from 1961 to 1993. When rolled the last Renault 4 from the band. The model is made for 32 years and especially in the southern countries are still reasonable driving around. Here in the Netherlands, especially the f4 almost disappeared from the streets, the f6 you come in very modest numbers against.