The Renault 4: Who does not know him now

RENAULT 4. A success story from the factory of Renault. Produced in 25 countries and adapted to the needs of regional customers. It is, on the T-Ford and the Volkswagen Beetle after, the most produced car in the world. 8.1262 million copies of built.

Square shape

As successor to the 4CV was chosen for the square shape, the Renault 4 has retained all his life. Popularly he is soon ?? the cookie jar ?? mentioned. Front-wheel drive, five-door, including a large tailgate, he had to compete with the Citroën 2CV. It's both models managed to stay long successful in the market.

The first Renault 4

This model has seen the light of day in 1961, the R3 with three speeds and an engine with a displacement of 603 cc. and 22.5 hp. Immediately afterwards the R4 comes with the 747 cc. and 26.5 hp. Also quickly follows with a 4-speed manual transmission-equipped engine. After some adjustments, especially the interior and the engines, the curtain fell in 1986 for this car in the Netherlands. Until 1993 the car was still produced in some countries not so ?? s had high environmental and safety requirements.

Popular with students and families with low incomes

Due to its low purchase price and reliability of the engines it quickly became a popular vehicle for students and other less fortunate in society. The square shape and thus a large capacity for four adults, with a rear seat folded formed a sea of ​​luggage, also made him suitable as a family car. Today was the low security of the thin sheet metal, drum brakes and tight rear legroom, rather deter people from buying as ?? a car. And also of luxury was absolutely no question.


Although the car in terms of safety and environmental requirements no longer satisfies, we see more and more people driving around in a well preserved specimen. This has mainly to do with nostalgia of the first car, or the car that you can easily maintain itself. The still low purchase costs play a role. Do you have pictures of Viertje, for a student who was subjected to standing upside empty beer crates and without wheels, a repair? Rarely do you see people make the push-pull movement, which belongs to the switching of the R4, when they see a passing drive there.

Unfortunately, the rust

The Dutch Renault 4 ?? s tend to be so affected by rust that they almost all disappeared over the years to the junkyard. Fortunately, there are some beautiful Dutch car ?? s preserved and ride regularly merrily whirring around. But many of the R4 still driving his little car ?? s imports from southern Europe. They have suffered less of the bad weather and there is less or no salt on the road thrown.

Renault clubs

To renault ?? s to preserve the posterity there over the years, a number of clubs founded with the aim of preserving the French car ?? s and organizing meetings to do it together and downs of the car ?? s discuss. The R.V.V.C. and the Renault 4 Club Netherlands are clubs where this car ?? s and their passengers can have lots of fun. If you do not need a club level, but want something more to learn about the Renault 4, then the book: square Renault 4 from Tony Vos recommended. .
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I got a call from 4 in 1986 and which has already disc brakes, brake despite the lack of ratification fine. And yes, yes, I have a real Dutchman, no import so. For people who do not like crowds klub but want to keep tech nich informed and inexpensive components to want to come, I suggest to still be a member of the club R4, 30 per year.