The Segway scooter from America

Since the beginning of this century the Segway on the market, a cross between a scooter and a scooter. This vehicle is ideally suited to move pedestrians quickly, even with luggage. In countries like Italy and France may keep the vehicle on public roads. In the Netherlands prohibited the use so far, but probably it is again allowed from 2009.


The name comes from segue, that means something like ?? to transition smoothly from one state to another ??, than in America. This vehicle, the Segway Personal Transporter, turns its rider into a fast ?? ?? pedestrian. In this way, a greater distance, even with luggage, to pass.


Dean Kamen has 150 patents to his name, including a portable kidney dialysis machine and its hexagonal house, with electricity through its own windmill.
The Dean is the inventor of this step, which he called ?? Segway Human Transporter ?? has given. At the end of 2001 he presented his invention of the television network ABC. This step looks like a futuristic lawn mower, a cross between a scooter and a scooter, but Kamen calls it self-balancing vehicle.
He claims in the firm conviction that the Segway ?? will do the same for the car, if the car ever horse and carriage has meant ??.
In a nutshell:
  • 2003, Amazon will be the first Segway on the market for business use; asking $ 4950, -
  • In 2005, there are presented three new models; Cross Terrain Segway, Segway Golf Transporter, Segway PT i Series
  • In 2006, again a number of new models on the market with more power and improved performance. The flagship ?? ??, the Segway i2 is available in two colors, white and black. Also, new lithium-ion batteries come onto the market, making the PT reaches a maximum speed of 39 km per hour.

What is the Segway

The Segway self-balancing scooter is a mini scooter. Also compare well as a small step which is electrically powered and that standing is governed. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, provided there driving on the bike path. On the sidewalk is permitted up to 6 miles per hour. A mile is about 1600 meters, thus converted into a Dutch speed over 30 mph.
The Segway gets going when it stands and leans forward. To stop doing exactly the opposite, hanging back. Send comes with a handle. The scooter is quiet, very environmentally friendly and suitable for bumpy roads, rough terrain and are able to climb curbs. All this thanks to the hard rubber wheels.
Within the space of a few minutes, it is possible for everyone to be able to ride this machine. There seems to fall off simply not be possible.
Technical data
The hardening of the Segway is composed of a series of 5 gyroscopes and 10 powerful microprocessors. These ensure the balance of the scooter, by measuring one hundred times per second how the driver moves fit the scooter itself constantly.
The battery stops at a continuous operation, there is already after 4 hrs on the first versie's, and at this time can be made up to 18 km.
The price
The first Segway was even offered $ 5,000, -. Prices are in the year 2007 are all above the ?? 5000, -.
The Local Police on the Costa del Sol

The Segway in 2007

Until January 1, 2007, in the Netherlands the Segway tolerated on public roads. The device now runs only in large companies, such as the military police Schiphol.
Many judges, particularly from big cities, it was not quite agree with this measure, it is a way to pedestrians mobile, and of course it is also a solution for many disabled people,
In October 2007, Minister Eurlings of incorrectly indicated that he intends to allow the scooter on bike paths. He expects that by 2009 the Segway on public roads may go away, and the disabled may use the sidewalk.
In Italy, Spain and France already ride the Segway on public roads.

Anno 2008

In March 2008 it was announced that from the end of 2009 everyone in the Netherlands, the Segway can go use. There is no prescribed helmet or driving license, or reflectors, insurance and registration.

Nice to know

  • The inventor Dean Kamen in his basement are a steam engine once owned by Henry Ford
  • The staff at the Disney cruise ship has already been tested in step 2003
  • Serfaus in the Austrian driving about 10 of these steps around. The vehicle is great to travel in the mountains, where not toiled or need to be sweating, but quietly relax zapped is up.