The Space Scooter: Models, price and safety

The Space Scooter after the wave board the following new transport that focuses on children. It looks like a step, but also has a much like a bicycle chain. How does this new invention, which models are for sale and at what price? And just as important: how safe are these Space Scooters and what age are they appropriate? The Space Scooter can still be best described as a futuristic scooter. You can use it in two ways. First, as usual step, taking you so has one foot on the step with the other leg and you yourself always pushing. The second way is by standing with both feet on the floorboard and moving the board up and down. You must thereby placing both feet behind the other and have a kind of seesaw effect. By moving up and down, a chain is set in motion there. This drives the rear wheel, similar to a bicycle.

Is Space Scooter brand or type of scooter?

The name of the product is derived from the idea that you'll feel like you're walking in the area, according to the makers. The name is a registered trademark and as such connected to a single manufacturer. It is probably a matter of time come to market to other manufacturers of similar products, but that will not happen under the same name.

What models are there and what do they cost?

There are two models for you to choose from: the original model and a smaller model for younger children. For both models is that they are easy to fold and can be so easily carried or stored away. In addition there is a single hand brake on every model.
The X580 model
The X580 or simply Space Scooter is suitable for weights of up to 90 kilograms. The step can also be used by many adults. The minimum recommended age is eight years. The X580 is in black and white available. But chances are that there will be more variety in the course of time. The official retail price is 129.95 ??
The X360 or Junior model
The X360 is a model specifically designed for younger children. The maximum weight is 60 kg and the recommended minimum age is four years. The model is to get into a blue or pink color. It is important to know that with the Junior can not just steppes, but can only "spacescooteren". The sale price is ?? 99.95.
The special edition Messi
It also released a special edition of the X580. This model number LM580 is in practical terms identical to the standard model. The colors and print are in the style of the famous footballer Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona. The base color is silver. The price ?? 169.95, so you pay 40 euros extra. For that you get there or another free Messi in football.
Black and White X580 model and the blue and pink Junior models.

How secure is the Space Scooter?

Like a bicycle, it is important to keep your balance. Especially in the Space Scooter stand. Children should be so real as it Spacescooteren master. But once accustomed, you can still achieve decent speeds. In terms of speed the vehicle resembles a bicycle. So you can get quite nasty accidents. A big difference with a bicycle, the small wheels and a center of gravity is much higher.

Is protection necessary?

It is actually best to have to take some precautions. Think of a bicycle helmet. But also protectors for knees, wrists and elbows. In fact, this also applies to bicycles. But in the Netherlands, bicycle helmets and other protective equipment are largely the exception. To what extent this is so truly needed, you should decide for yourself. It largely depends on how wise is the one who drives around the Space Scooter. One tip is to at least ensure that your child first guides to learning to ride the Space Scooter. And only the road or sidewalk late, when it is really familiar.