The Speed ​​pedelec, a fast electric bike

The Speed ​​pedelec is a fast electric bike that you always have to pedal along. This bike can reach speeds of 45 kilometers per hour. This brings with it dilemma ?? s. Because you have the speed pedelec does or does not ride on the bike path?

The Speed ​​pedelec is the fastest electric bike

Most electric bikes can reach an average speed of so ?? s 18 kilometers per hour. Since last year, the speed pedelec for sale. This bike is the fastest electric bike and can be 45 kilometers per hour. The difference with the speed of a conventional cyclist is enormous and this can lead to dangerous situations. It is expected that the speed pedelec will be hugely popular. Especially for employees who like to bike want to work, but the distance were just too far. The extra speed that can be achieved now, the threshold is to go bike ?? ?? lower.

Standards for Speed ​​pedelec

This rapid cycling calls for new regulations to prevent dangerous situations. The ministry, the trade association and the bicycle traders do not know. The Speed ​​Pedelec really does not fit within the existing regulations. Until 2017 the Speed ​​Pedelec falls under the mopeds. The manufacturer of the Blue Label Cruiser Hs has had approved this bike as a scooter. For this admission test only looks at speed without pedaling and that the manufacturer has deliberately kept below 25 kilometers. By pedaling, it is possible to achieve speeds of 45 kilometers. According to the cyclists' paths are designed for vehicles that do not go faster than 25 to 30 kilometers per hour. All vehicles go faster should, in principle, on the roadway, but this also applies to the speed pedelec?

Is the Speed ​​pedelec called a moped?

For a moped you need a driving license AM or B license. In addition, a moped must be ensured. A moped may not exceed 25 kilometers per hour. When it goes faster, the driver can be fined, this applies in principle also for the speed pedelec. A moped is also always a blue image, but the speed pedelec is sold without. Many buyers do not know they actually buy a moped and must apply for a license plate. In addition, the speed pedelec has no mirrors like a moped. The question is whether the speed pedelec it should fall under the mopeds.

Is the Speed ​​pedelec a moped?

Mopeds can reach a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. For a moped is wearing a motorcycle helmet. The bicyclist on the Speed ​​pedelec has this obligation and is not required to wear a helmet. Many bikers also want to wear a helmet. It's one of the reasons why they choose the bicycle.


It is important that clear as quickly as possible where the speed pedelec really belongs to and where you can drive with the speed pedelec and which rules apply to this bike. Sellers of the bicycle can not educate their customers currently account about what can and can not with this bike. The purchase of this bike is a tough investment and then you naturally want to know where you stand.