The ten largest yachts in the world

Who is very rich can to build fun toys. If you already have everything you can always give command to build a huge yacht. Not just a yacht, not the largest in the world. It provides a list of super yachts that changes dynamically, because once the main means you are on the nomination is to be defeated by the next whopper. The list is from 2015 and adapted.

Kiel, where the largest yacht in the world was built

Super Yachts

There are yachts and super yachts are. Designers have the opportunity to create the best designs and shipbuilders can let anyone bring the best materials in order to obtain as beautiful and functional as possible result. It's a niche market, but is an expensive niche. The yachts are built for different purposes. The one time it is a hunt for a solo sailor, then it will offer to any vessel transatlantic cruises and where ten to twelve paying guests a few weeks ocean adventure can book. There must be several tons of euro were counted down, but who has the money it can get rolling. This also applies to the fabulously wealthy owners of the gems in water.

1. A

In September 2015 A makes its first test run. The three-masted sailing ship with the short name is 142 meters long and 25 meters wide and has taken over the position of the largest sailing ship of the Eos. The A has eight decks and an observation deck with glass all around. On board there is place for 54 crew members and 20 guests. The three masts over 90 meters high.
The yacht has a helipad, three swimming pools and a nightclub below deck. Werft German Naval Yards built in Kiel, Germany, three years in the greatest secrecy to the yacht. It was designed by Martin Francis and Philippe Starck.
The yacht of Russian billionaire businessman Andrey Igorevich Melnitsjenko, one of the richest Russians. As a 21-year-old young man, he founded an investment bank where he earned in 1993 with a capacity. He invests inter alia in companies extracting raw materials. Melnitsjenko already had a huge yacht, which ran from pile in 2008. That hunting was built four years. A release build could throw the ropes after three years.

2. Eos

The three-masted schooner Eos is nearly 93 meters long. It is 92.92 meters, to be exact. From 2006 to September 2015 was the largest yacht in the world. It was built in Germany in Bremen at Lürssen Yachts. The ship has a stunning interior designed by François Catroux. The Eos is owned by American billionaire Charles Barry Diller, boss of popular American television channel Fox Broadcasting Company and USA Broadcasting television.

3. Athena

The Athena is 90 meters long and built by the Dutch company Royal Huisman in Vollenhove. The Athena is a three-masted schooner and a very luxurious yacht. The exterior was designed by Pieter Beeldsnijder Design, along with the naval architects Dykstra & Partners. For the interior is Rebecca Bradley Interior Design deposit. There is a lot of mahogany and teak handles. Athena is a very fast sailing ship: the sail most super deem sail past. The sails of about 2500 square meters are in an in-mast furling the topsails and jib furling carbon fiber forks. The sails can instantaneously hoisted and lowered. The Athena was built in 2004 on behalf of Jim Clark, former owner of the software company Netscape. It is named after the goddess Athena, whose figurehead front of the ship shines.

4. Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon is a stunning yacht that was launched in 2006 to water. It was built by Parini Navi and like the Athena designed by Gerard Dijkstra Dijkstra & Partners. It was sold in August 2009 to make superyacht regatta ?? s sailing, and tours to wealthy guests with.
The Maltese Falcon is 88 meters long with masts of 58 meters and a revolutionary sailing system that Falcon Rig is called the sail to the mast close to each other. They are three independent and rotating masts with 15 sails and a total sail area of ​​2400 square meters. They are operated with Perini Navi Sail Control. The system delivers unparalleled performance with unmatched safety and maneuverability.
The maximum speed is eighteen knots. You can on the Maltese Falcon book an ocean crossing, it is a charter. To 12 guests with it. During the peak season will cost you ?? 385 000 for a week, during off peak 35 000 per week less.
The ship was built by American businessman Tom Perkins that would have paid between 110 and 210 million euros. Perkins sold the ship to the rich Greek Elena Ambrosiadou.

5. Mirabella 5

The Mirabella 5 or simply M5 is a 75.20 meter long yacht from 2003. It was built in England by Vosper Thornycroft to a design by Ron Holland Design and is the largest mast in the world. The yacht was built as part of a fleet of superyachts Avis CEO Joseph Vittoria. He has sold the yacht. It was initially used for luxury private charters. M5 joins regatta ?? s. Current owner Rodney Lewis, oilman from Texas.

6. Phocea

The yacht Phocea is 75.15 meters long. The Phocea was built as a racing yacht for solo transatlantic races, but there are also charter sailed. The yacht was built on deToulon Naval Dockyard in 1976 for the solo yachtsman Alain Colas - he did not return from a solo trip in 1978 after having lost all contact the level of the Azores; him and his yacht was never found anything - and then became a club Metiterranee charter. The vessel has changed ownership several times and rebuilt. There can sail 12 guests and 23 crew members.

7. Atlantic

The Atlantic is 69.24 long. The three-master was designed by William Gardner and built in 1903 by Townsend & Downey, Shooter Island, New York. In 2010 there was built a replica to the original drawings of the schooner, which were retrieved from archives and American museums.

8. Alloy Vertigo

The Alloy Vertigo is 67.2 meters long. It was built at the New Zealand shipyard Alloy Yachts in 29 months time. The launch was in 2011. It was designed by Philippe Briands and the modern interior is Christian Liaigre. It is the largest and most luxurious yacht in the Southern Hemisphere.

9. Hetairos

The 66.9 meter long Hetairos was launched in May 2011. It was built by Baltic Yachts in Pietarsaari in Finland. The exterior was designed by Reichel Pugh Yacht Design and Dykstra & Partners. The interior was designed by Rhoades Young. The ship was built for an experienced yachtsman and hunting enthusiast.

10. Aglaia

The Aglaia is a 66 meter long aluminum yacht designed by Dubois Naval Architects with an interior by Redman Whiteley Dixon. It is a mast which was launched in 2012 to water. The mast is 83 meters high. The ship is prized for its maneuverability. The Aglaia is renamed to Ahimsa.
11. Creole
The 65-meter Creole was the tenth largest yacht in the world, to the A appeared on the waves. The Creole operation since 1927 and was designed by Charles E. Nicholson and built by Camper & Nicholsons Shipyard in Gosport, England. The ship was launched as the Vira, as the largest yacht the shipyard. The sailing yacht of almost a century old is maintained in pristine condition.