The third generation Fiat Panda

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The Italian Fiat cars coming in 2012 with its third generation Fiat Panda on the market. The striking appearance of the eighties has for years served one target group was a cheap no-frills car, which functionality above design. Eight years after the reintroduction of the Fiat Panda in 2004, Fiat is in 2012 with its third generation. The moment is closely aligned to market demand: smaller, more fuel efficient and cheaper car ?? s. The Italian Fiat cars coming in 2012 with its third generation Fiat Panda on the market. The striking appearance served in the eighties years, has a target group was a cheap no-frills car, which functionality above design. "With the Panda smile you everyone" ushered in the commercial.

Fiat Panda

In 1980 the first Fiat Panda entering the market. Panda was a blocks-like model: many a child would a car in this way draw. Straight, angular lines. Even the windows were completely flat. The first model is nearly 23 years, until 2003 virtually unchanged, been available. The model is also used by SEAT, who brought the car as SEAT Marbella on the market. The Russian car manufacturer Lada is a car on the market, the LADA Oka, which exhibited strong resemblance to the first Panda. That LADA Oka is anno 2011 still available.
The first Panda excelled in simplicity and functionality. This was paramount; for design was no space. The interior, partly by dust, was removable for washing. The rear seat could be completely removed and used as a sofa bed. The suspension was one with leaf springs. The engines were 652 or 850cc and deliver top speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour. Not that it was easy to ride in the very light car. In 1986 there's been an upgrade, while still the suspension has been replaced by springs and some minor adjustments have been made to the bodywork. The first Fiat Panda was released in different, sometimes creative versions. A four-wheel drive model, pickup, convertible, it's all been.

The second generation Fiat Panda

In 2004, Fiat announced a new version of the Panda. It remains a small city car, but more contemporary. The look of the new Fiat Panda is in line with current models of Fiat. Also several variants of these cars come on the market, including the four-wheel drive version and a sporty variant. The Fiat Panda was even Car of the Year 2004. It may be said that with this new Fiat Panda's success was very much needed to keep their heads above water. It has been passed and the company is back with a leader in the European automotive industry. This second generation Fiat Panda had built in Poland.

Fiat Panda, the third generation

More than eight years after the reintroduction of the Fiat Panda in 2004, one arrives in 2011 with the announcement of the new Fiat Panda. It is available from early 2012. The old ?? ?? Panda will remain until further notice just yet available. That is something that we look at different brands such as Peugeot still on the Peugeot 206-based model continues to deliver while all the Peugeot 208 will release on the market. The new Fiat Panda will again be built in Italy. He will only be available as a five-door, like the previous Panda. Also from this new Panda is a four-wheel drive variant. This is expected to end in mid-2012.
Fiat to establish a strong position in the popular A-segment and hold. The crises today's consumer is very susceptible to cheaper, more economical, cleaner and smaller cars ?? s. Nearly all car manufacturers put it in and bring new models in the A-segment. The Volkswagen Group opened the offensive with the Volkswagen Up, and the genetically identical cars: the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii. Kia has a strong asset to the new Kia Picanto, and so there are many others. Fiat wants to safeguard its position by providing either generation Fiat Panda.
The third generation Panda is offered only in our country with TwinAir engines and the Start & Stop system is standard on all models. Besides the now familiar twin-cylinder turbo engine with 85 hp - ?? International Engine of the Year ?? - will also be the new 65 HP TwinAir turbo-less engine z do ?? s entry. In the course of 2012 also follow the TwinAir 80 HP Bi-fuel, the Natural Power and the Panda 4 × 4.
By default, the Fiat Panda among others equipped with anti-whiplash head restraints, side curtain airbags and a warning system when not wearing seat belts on all seats. Later will also be available an innovative braking system is that at speeds below 30 km / h which can detect obstacles then the car is braked automatically.
Sales Expectations
Fiat put carefully into the sales expectations of the new Panda. Fiat expects 2012 total selling 185 000 copies of the new Panda. By comparison, in the best sales year of the model of the second generation was sold just under 300,000. In addition to the 185 000 of the new Panda one also counts still selling as n ?? 40,000 to 50,000 pieces of the existing model.
Models and prices
The Fiat Panda will be available in numerous colors and adjusted through a rich palette of interior color schemes that the carriage to your taste. The Fiat Panda is available in version Pop, Easy and Lounge. These are names that we have previously also pass by. The new Fiat Panda is starting ?? 9290 available, rising to over ?? 11.000.