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Everyone knows tricycles for children, which are used until the child can move to a two-wheeler. However, there are tricycles for adults, which - usually by a disability or illness - could not own bikes. Ageing tricycle for adults delves increasingly on the streets.

Three wheel bike: then and now

Until a decade ago was a tricycle purely a disabled vehicle. People with disabilities could apply for the bicycle in the city, as there was to a medical necessity. This meant that choosing the young people or adults had little in design, model and color. However, it was possible to adapt the bicycle technically to the physical capabilities of the user.
There are now different versions and there is also really set the style to choose. There are classic, retro and sports models. The stigma of the disabled vehicle ?? ?? there goes slowly. Importer Lintech even speaks of a bike ?? ?? ease.

Types tricycles

As the name says, a tricycle has three wheels. Besides this open door there are very many differences between the various models and modifications - more than an ordinary ?? ?? two-wheeler.
Position of the wheels and seat position
A tricycle usually has two rear wheels and one front wheel, but the opposite happens: two wheels in front and one behind. The choice of one or the other depends on what the user is comfortable. Giving the user the greatest sense of stability? What does drive the user more easily? An advantage of a bicycle with two front wheels is that you can take it to the hand. When you walk next to a bicycle with two rear wheels, he stumbles against your legs. Because a tricycle which is heavier than a normal bike, the bike but most users will generally not take the hand.
In addition to the position of the wheels, there are many other variations and modifications on a tricycle as possible. Think for example of a high or a low seating position: A high seating position provides the ability to kick straight down, a low position ensures an oblique traprichtig. This affects the stability of the seat position and may vary individually. Also, a low seating position can relieve the hips.
Special or customized versions
When the user has a disability, there may be many changes are made to the bike. A handbrake example, can be adjusted so that even those with limited hand function can brake safely. In addition, space can be made to take their own wheelchair or walking stick / crutches.
Some bikes can even be transported two people: a person can be placed in a wheelchair for the steering wheel, or there are two seats / stools next to each other as possible to cycle together. There is also a variant of the well-known three-wheel tandem. Furthermore, the bike is also possible if handcycle, or recumbent bicycle with an auxiliary engine.
Which adjustment is possible, by bike model different. Not all manufacturers to adapt their bikes easy. When large changes are needed, it will be the choice of functionality above design.
Three wheel bike for the elderly
The above comments about changes to the bike are based on a user with an illness or disability. The tricycle is - without however aanpassingen- ideal for older people who are in traffic not so sure feel at regular bike. On a tricycle after all you can not get out of balance, even if you go slow. This ensures a safe and active participation in traffic. While it may be getting used to choose a particular ?? ?? bicycle, tricycle provides many eventually benefit: The older who no longer dared to cycle comes back more outside and has a larger area at his disposal where he can independently. In addition, cycling is good for the condition - something that is lost when using a scooter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a tricycle

Riding on a tricycle offers several advantages:
  • The bike is always stable; you can not count overturn it.
  • Even when boarding The bike stands steadily and often the bike is equipped with a lowered step.
  • Rear / front there is ample room for a basket or shopping bag. You can carry it more than a two-wheeler.
  • With snow and ice, you can hit the road without too many problems.

There are also some disadvantages to a tricycle:
  • A tricycle requires a large storage space or shed.
  • A tricycle is not available everywhere. Suppliers deliver fortunately often at home, while providing many services. For more information about availability, see below.
  • A tricycle needs maintenance. Like it or not all cobblers can take a tricycle to repair because of the necessary specialist knowledge and lack of space. Conveniently, therefore a maintenance contract with the supplier. The bicycle is a municipal transport service, the congregation usually regulates maintenance.
  • A tricycle is quite pricey, and the specialist care as well. The purchase price can range from ?? 500, - and several thousand euro ?? s.
  • For some people, a tricycle disabled the stigma of ?? ?? sticking. Or hinders the purchase is a personal decision.

What do you look for when purchasing a tricycle?

When purchasing a tricycle there are several issues that deserve attention:
  • The preferences of the user. Would he far it can go cycling, or just go shopping? Is there a need or desire to pedal assistance?
  • Personal fitness and physical abilities of the user. Body weight plays a role? Are adjustments, such as a seat with backrest, desirable? Pedal assistance is necessary?
  • In the case of pedal support: provide adequate powerful brakes.
  • Select at small wheels always gears, otherwise you kick your fatigue.
  • Who will maintain the bike? Ask about the possibilities for maintenance at the supplier.
  • Where is parked the bike? A tricycle requires a large storage space or shed. This should be reached without having to pass through narrow passages. This also keep in mind the turning circle. For many users, it will be difficult to lift the bike a bit, so make sure it is in as the barn.
  • Most importantly, try to purchase different bikes out! Given the many variations it can make a big difference which bike is the most comfortable for the user. If the user had a two-wheeler in the past, it used to, because it's really different bikes! On a tricycle bike is something you should learn - happy is often fast enough.

How do you get a tricycle?

It is possible to request a three-wheel bicycle as transport facilities of the municipality under the Social Support Act. Check with your municipality. A tricycle can also be purchased at any of the following suppliers in the Netherlands:
  • Huka
  • Lintech
  • SenZup
  • Van Raam
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