Time in spending public transport useful

KNeelio 05-01-2018 Auto
Every day, thousands of people travel by public transport to the place of their destination. In most cases this involves students or people going to their work. Especially if you, like they are, each day traveling up and down, public transport can take quite some time. Lost hours? Of course not! I'll give you tips to good use this travel time.

Time for yourself

You often hear people complain that you are in a train or bus can do so little meaningful. Obviously, this can be a disadvantage, but on the other hand is the fact that you now have mandatory time for yourself, so delicious? Especially with our busy schedule ?? s nowadays is quite rare that we have a quiet moment. Enjoy it thus! Finally start that book you always wanted to read but you never belonged to, surf around on the world wide web or simply delicious dream away, while the beautiful Dutch scenery you pass by.

School and work

If you really have a big journey each day, it is worthwhile to already do some work on the train or bus. Especially as a student this is very nice: when you study books with you can already get started with the material you've covered that day. The advantage is that the material is still fresh in your memory and studying probably comes pretty easy. Besides that it is also nice that you have to do nothing at home. The above also applies to your job: jobs are increasingly flexible and often it is possible to home and to make the necessary preparations. A laptop this may also help.

Orientation on things to come

Travelling by public transport is not only an opportunity to reflect on yourself, but also to reflect on the rest of your day or your week. Now you sit quietly in the train or bus, you can schedule there and grab yourself focusing on what needs to be done. Do you have important assignments or appointments? If so, what still needs to happen there? If you want, on this basis, make to-do lists, as a tool to be able to spend your precious time outside the train efficient and useful.

Meet new people

Public transport would be no public transport as there are no other people using it. From this data, you can make excellent use by getting to know new people. A starting point for a conversation is so found, the person opposite you be reading a book that looks interesting, if you meet someone every day at the station. Perhaps like you still like to touch on, and otherwise you had a nice train trip anyway.


This needs little explanation. Sleep is one of the most essential things in human life; nonetheless we are generally sleep deprivation. Leverage your travel time by taking a short nap: you feel then probably a lot cooler.

Delays and other problems

If you are traveling by public transport, it is almost inevitable that you have to deal with delays or trains and buses no longer drive. Especially if you travel regularly by train, it will undoubtedly last for a time and it is necessary to connect to another train to the Netherlands by traveling to get to their destination. In this case, you're using all of the above tips, but you can also take advantage of the situation. Probably do you get to places you've never been before; which makes it so annoying ?? s suddenly redirect to an impressive sightseeing. If you have the opportunity, you would possibly even be able to step out in a city that looks interesting. So you come again somewhere! When you are on the platform of the station is waiting for a delayed train or bus, you will have fewer possibilities: there is still plenty to do in these moments. If you are in the fortunate position that you're in a big city, there are often various shops nearby where you can sniff around to kill time. With nice weather it is certainly delicious: be outside in the sun, it is absolutely not a punishment. Also the people around you, which is probably just as hard on the bales as you, can provide some distraction. In any case it is always handy to always something you have this kind of situation as a book or a magazine. So you have in an emergency is always something to do.
I wish you a wonderful trip!