Tips to renovate your students bike or bike station

Student or drive bikes are mostly in a very poor condition. This is because there is generally no time or maintenance is paid. Here are some tips to yourself, cheap, to be able to solve the most irritating problems.

Annoying noises or curled road

Many of the bikes are used in our country by students who ride bicycles to creak, squeak and swabbing. This is certainly not always necessary. Often you can own a thing to do, so that costs do not spiral out of control and you are much more comfortable from A to B can drive.

The bike squeaks

If the bike beeps, you can be sure that it takes somewhere oil or grease. Wheezing usually indicates the grinding of metal on metal. Somewhere there is so little dry. This can be solved by lubricating the dry part. Do you have a can of lubricant or a vial having a lubricating outing, you can start looking for where the sound is coming from. Sometimes the use of fat is better, but then you should probably much disassemble them to support it.
Do you know yet what it will beep, lift the bike equally at the front and turn the front wheel. It comes from there, anything oil on the bearings on the shaft.
Have you turned on the light, it also can be the alternator. Therefore the bike even on its head and spray into the hat of the alternator. Just a few minutes withdraw and put the bike back upright. Afpoetsen excess oil with a cloth.
Is the beep not here, you will do the same for the rear wheel. Do you hear the squeaks when turning the wheel and the wheel runs against anything, then you should seek out the bearings of the rear wheel. These will have a little hidden behind the chain if it is still attached. With some searching you will find the bearings at the small gear where the chain is. You may lubricate enthusiastic, so that oil definitely gets between the bearings, where possible beep coming from.
Saddles will also sometimes squeak and therefore turn the bike upside down and lubricates the points where the seat springs in the iron hooked. This only applies to the older type saddles, the modern saddles have these loose feathers anymore. Then even with a cloth to remove the excess oil to protect your clothes.
Furthermore, should the pedals, to the point where they attach to the cranks best have a drop of oil or whatever. They have also quite heavy endure the damp in our country.
If the brakes squeal during braking, then you have a problem which can not be solved with oil. For this, the wheels should be removed and the brakes are cleaned. For drum brakes, brake drums must be sanded. These problems can, if it irritates too much, probably better have it done by bicycle. Ask well in advance the expected costs. Labor costs and materials may seem expensive to brake problems.

The wheel runs against something

If one of the wheels running into a fender, look for a mudguard bracket is broken. This happens often because the fender pliers on one side is rusted. A new bracket costs little and is relatively easy to put on himself. A cheap and easy alternative may be a piece of electrical wire, which is rotated about the broken rod. Now to connect the fender next to the other fender pliers. This presumably holds for a long time and stand your tire rub so no longer.
If the wheel Start Up there because the front wheel askew able, then with a wrench size 14 or 15, depending on the bike, the two nuts that loosen and turn the wheel right in the middle. Nuts then firmly again.
The problem is at the rear, then it probably makes sense immediately what the chain tension and some lubrication. If the nuts are somewhat loosened the chain tensioners tighten a little left and right, until the chain slack staat..Ketting not too tight, because then he will crack and rides the bike more enjoyable. Nuts again properly secure and briefly turning the pedals to hear the chain sometimes creaks. If so, then the chain again put a little looser.
If you have no chain tensioners sit up, then on the right, loosen the nut and tension the chain by pulling the wheel a little crooked. Then tighten the nut and bolt loosening on the left. Straighten the wheel and tighten the nut. Listen again even if the chain is not too tight.
Now a layer of oil on the moving chain spray or drip.

The mop or wheel

Do you feel that your bike everywhere uitzwabbert, first check the quality of the tires. Often, they are worn out so that there has arisen a crack in the side, whereby there will be a bulge on the belt. When the front wheel, the tire is easy to replace it by itself to pick up the wheel out. The rear tire is replaced on the other hand, is not without a key experience
recommended. This can then be subcontracted.
If the problem a number of broken and loose spokes are, you will probably need to outsource the repair, but always ask beforehand the costs, sometimes this is more expensive to repair than the value of the bike. There will be not much more than sit up to look for a better bike. However, there are only one or two, you can replace the spokes themselves. However, the spoke length and thickness measurement properly or take one with the bicycle. There are many different lengths and thicknesses for sale. To replace the nipple of the spoke is usually sufficient to deflate the tire run, pushing the flap aside and gently with a screwdriver to remove the old nipple. The new nipple push it and put the flap back into place. The spoke not put too tight, otherwise turn a battle in your wheel.

Prevention is better ...

Each sound has its cause and if there early just to be looked at, sometimes there can be prevented with expensive repairs.
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My trappers and axle wheel spin but my no ... how can I make this?


-First See whether the chain is not of the gears is over. Then replace and tension chain. -Is The chain still on, then see if the rear sprocket, still attached to the rear wheel. Which comes with most bikes with a spring clip onto the achterwiel.-Zit this gear it firmly, then the problem is in the interior of the rear wheel. Keyless experience it is not advisable to pick it apart. Presumably, there are then pawls stuck in the rear wheel, or has a gigantic sliijtage on the inside so that the wheel can no longer be taken into account when pedaling. This will be a bike mechanic job worden.Als alternative than another rear wheel of a bicycle mounted spare. I do not know whether you have this knowledge. Good luck with your bike!