Top 10 fuel-efficient small vans

The government is trying to do everything that the exhaust emission is prevented. She does inter alia by encouraging the people to drive more economically. In recent years, more and more pick-up in traffic. The government is trying to encourage businesses and individuals buying efficient vehicles. Does that give them among other tax benefits. Read all about it in this article. The government is trying to do everything that people driving more efficiently. There are several ways in which they do, but above all by giving an advantage away through taxes. Buying a fuel-efficient pickup must therefore automatically so advantageous to the consumer that it gives so prefer. The government not only gives tax rebates for fuel-efficient vans, but also levy additional tax on the more polluting versions. Good examples are the Opel Astra Van and Fiat Fiorino. By which additional charges the purchase of a delivery vehicle can thus increase by 5 percent. A final way in which the government has to encourage manufacturers to produce more fuel-efficient vans is by setting import requirements. This is only possible at European level, and only for cars that are made outside the European Union.

Increased vans

The Dutch government initially focused mainly on car ?? s, but the van came quickly into view. That's because the last few decades the use of vans has increased rapidly. That has to do with the advent of the internet. Via the Internet are sold much stuff. In the beginning, many of these things are sold through the post, but there are also such large packages or products that can not easily be sent by post. Many companies and individuals have therefore taken the shipment itself in hands. That is the main reason that in recent years many more vans were sold.

Measures for lease drivers

The Minister of Finance De Jager therefore also focuses on lease vans. He wants the user chooses for the efficient vans. This was always a challenge, because lease-readers do not choose their own initiative for an economical car. That's because there is no incentive for. They themselves have no financial benefit. Hunter there is something to try to do by lease drivers to give a lower tax liability. This was 22 percent, but is now only 12 percent. That can quickly make more than a thousand euros per year.

Top 10 most fuel-efficient cars - Medium petrol

The ANWB has also been made an overview of the most economical trucks in the various classes. She has published the top ten. Below are the ten most fuel-efficient vans: