Top 10 saving tips for the car

faaip 13-02-2018 Auto
Monthly costs for the car can rise substantially. In a simple way you can save hundreds of euros per year ?? s. It is mainly to benefit greatly by saving on fuel costs. Because of the ever rising fuel motorists will pay more attention to consumption. It is no coincidence that more and more energy-efficient cars there ?? are sold. The much-consuming ?? s used cars are getting cheaper, as the preference now given to fuel-efficient cars ?? s. With these tips, you can press charges even further.

Never mind the points or the supermarket stamps, but at the price

There are still drivers who go to a particular gas station or supermarket stamps points. In general, these are not the cheapest providers of gasoline, diesel and gas. Converted deliver loyalty points less than one cent on every liter. Choose not for loyalty points and pay attention to the price per liter.

Never refuel along the highway

The price per liter in size. On the other hand it may not matter for mileage to drive to save a few pennies on fuel prices. You can have the best prices of petrol stations in your area or on the route that you regularly ride next to each other. The gas station that is now a few cents per gallon cheaper on average will remain cheaper than the competitors.

When buying another car consider a different fuel

Drive many kilometers? Then consider switching to diesel or gas. The tax rate on this car ?? s bigger, but because of the lower fuel costs can still be cheaper. The differences in price per liter of fuel are in fact large.

Go energy efficient driving

You can influence the consumption of your car greatly. Late when approaching a traffic accelerator rather loose. The car rolls through the traffic lights and you have to brake and give less gas less. Such driving can in one year tens euro ?? s to save fuel.

Swap the consumer of gasoline in

Drive still in a big car with a high consumption? This car in exchange for a fuel-efficient car. Please note that in any case when buying another car. Try an economical car with a smaller engine. To comfort you deliver nothing but possible sportsmanship. A fuel-efficient car will have just a little less horsepower ?? s under the hood.

Note the pressure

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Tires with too little air will ensure a higher consumption of fuel. Once every two weeks to check the tire pressure is sensible.

A year through additional drive

To depreciation, you can save a lot by a year longer with your car to drive. That one year you will proportionately namely little extra depreciation on the car.

Should your vehicle hull liability insurance?

Note the coverage of your auto insurance. Is your car still hull liability insurance? If your car is five years or older, you may want to consider switching to a cheaper limited cover.

Compare your auto insurance

The level of premiums for car insurance vary widely. By comparison sites as and you can save big money on the premium for car insurance.

Be sporty and use the bike

Watch your health and save on car expenses by more often by bicycle. You not only save fuel, but the car will also be charged less. Small pieces of riding are in fact very bad for the car. Cycling is also good for your health.