Toyota Aygo / Aygo + / Aygo Sport

The Toyota Aygo is one of the best selling models of Toyota. The Aygo is designed to ride well in the city, but also outside it is suitable. It is now also possible to style your own Aygo.

Styles and colors

The Toyota Aygo is available in three models. The entry-level model is the ordinary Aygo. Additionally, you can choose the Aygo + and Aygo for sport. The biggest differences can be found below. The Aygo is available in five different colors: Satin Silver, Charcoal Grey, Midnight Black, Fire Red and Blue Reflective. These are naturally beautiful names for these colors, but is simply the Aygo just available in silver, in the gray, in black, in red and in blue. It is also possible to style your own Aygo. Here are some available Customized versions, which you have some things may change. This creates a unique Aygo, if you wish. You can also opt for a styled model.


Safety is very important. The Euro NCAP gives Aygo four stars for safety. The Aygo is equipped as standard with two front airbags and warning signals for the belt. At the Aygo +, there are also front and rear side airbags available. As an option, there are curtain airbags available. Because the body for more than half of tensile strength steel, the body exists despite low weight yet very strong. The Aygo is equipped with MICS. MICS stands for Minimal Intrusion Cabin System. This system ensures that in a frontal collision or side impact, the energy released by the collision is disposed of in a safe manner, which reduces the risk of injury.
Also for the one outside the Aygo safety is important. The Aygo city car as tje mean and will therefore frequently in contact with pedestrians. Especially in front of the Aygo is taken into account the safety of the pedestrian. When a collision with a pedestrian searched the front ensure that the energy generated by the collision is largely absorbed. You can compare this with the strike against a Jell-O, here the blow is also absorbed.

Low price thanks to grants

Thanks to the environmental subsidy of 1,400 euros, the Aygo is available from 8690 euros.

Diesel or Petrol

The Aygo is available with a 1.0 liter VVT-i petrol engine and a 1.4 liter diesel engine. The petrol engine is very light. When the petrol engine, you can choose the MultiMode transmission. Here you can switch between a machine and an ordinary manual transmission. The diesel engine is characterized by its silence. This is due to the use of a novel suspension system.

The standard Aygo

This version of the Aygo has a built-in radio and CD player. The interior trim si anthracite and what particularly stands out are the round air vents.

The Aygo +

The expanded version of the Aygo has not only a radio and a CD player, electric windows, a folding rear bench and dark charcoal upholstery. With this model you can choose the MultiMode transmission.

The Aygo Sport

The Aygo Sport has all the Aygo +, only a little extra ?? s. These include a manually operated air-conditioning, 14 ?? alloy wheels, special front fog lights and a sporty tachometer.

Good for the environment

You can already see the environmental subsidy of 1,400 euros that the Aygo is very economical.