Trade-in Value determine auto / compute

agaton98 08-01-2018 Auto
Exchange car? Comparing different car companies pay to get the highest resale value. Determining the resale value of the car depends on several factors, including the negotiation and the market value used by the car company. There are several websites where you can easily calculate the resale value. In addition, the aritkel contains tips for getting a high resale value.

Trade-in value determined car

The trade-in value may vary significantly per dealership. The trade-in value is made up of a number of grafts element, namely, the commercial value / book, and the margin on to sell the car. The market value used by the car company, the value of the car for a buyer. This amount is added a portion of the margin, which car companies have car ?? s already for sale. That ?? bottom up valuation ?? mentioned. One factor that plays a role in determining the resale value is the negotiation on the new or used car you want to buy.
The car company will also take into account warranty costs when selling to the next owner, refurbishment costs and other surcharges, which vary by company.

Several trade values

The above factors explain the different car companies use a variety of trade-in value for the car. So it pays to compare the trade-in values ​​of different companies together. Request a quote on at least two car companies.

Get high resale value cars

A high resale value for getting your car, which naturally wants every seller. It is a truism, but a well maintained car that looks clean, is the basis for a high resale value. Other tips for a high resale value:
  • Wash your car in advance or let him reconditioning by a professional company
  • Vacuum the car and clean the interior completely
  • Consider selling the car privately
  • Ask several tenders at different garages
  • Decide in advance what the maximum budget is to strengthen your onderhandelinspositie
  • Stick to business during the negotiations and do not be tempted by the new car
  • Make no hasty decisions and sleep there once a night on
  • Make a good test drive, which is not too short

Trade-in Value calculate car

There are several websites where you can calculate the amount of the resale value of the car. They only give an indication. There are also websites where you can check the overall value of your car, such as Auto Track and Auto Trader. But sometimes Marketplace offers a good comparison. on the website, you can calculate the resale value of your car by filling out the mileage and the badge.

Car trade for the highest resale value

It is most commonly used to trade in your vehicle at an authorized garage. But there are other possibilities. There's even launched a special website where you can bring your car at one time to the attention of thousands of Dutch car companies: You can also consider this option in order to get the highest resale value for your four-wheeler.