Traffic fines in 2015 - survey altitude fines

Driving too fast, error or receive calls parked behind the wheel? This can be heavy fines in the Netherlands. The amount of this traffic fines will be reviewed annually. In 2015 the fines go up slightly compared to the previous year. In this article you will find an overview of the most common traffic violations in the Netherlands, for which a fine can be issued together with the amount of the fine.

Fines for speeding

The amount of the fine for speeding depends on how many kilometers you've exceeded the speed limit. The figures for 2014, apply to drivers of vehicles with more than two wheels, you can read from the following table:
You exceed the speed limit by more than 3 km / h then no ticket is issued. When an excess of at least 30 km / h than the height of the ticket is determined by the prosecutor. If you drive too fast for road construction than the fine will be even higher.

Several traffic violations

The amount of fines different from that of the rate in 2015, sorted by amount of the fine, as follows:
  • Not having insurance ?? 550
  • Driving on the hard shoulder ?? 370 euro
  • Driving while license is recovered or taken ?? 370 euro
  • Driving without a license ?? 370
  • Parking in a handicapped spot ?? 370 euro
  • Needless horn / horn honor ?? 370 euro
  • Ignoring a stop sign ?? 370 euro
  • Overtaking at or near pedestrian crossing ?? 370 euro
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol ?? 360 euro
  • Tailgating: minimum ?? 280 euro
  • Overtaking ?? 230 euro
  • Driving over a continuous line ?? 230 euro
  • Driving through a red ?? 230 euro
  • Not giving way at a stop sign ?? 230 euro
  • Not giving way at shark teeth ?? 230 euro
  • Not hands-free calling / phone in hand while driving ?? 230 euro
  • Ignoring of gates / lights crossing / bridge lights ?? 230 euro
  • Not cooperate alcohol breathalyzer ?? 230 euro
  • Transporting people in the box: ?? To 140 ?? 230 euro
  • Not wearing seat belts ?? 140 euro
  • Child up front without adequate security ?? 140 euro
  • Do not stop at stop sign ?? 140 euro
  • No warning triangle place an obstacle ?? 140 euro
  • Times where it is forbidden ?? 140 euro
  • Riding on the bus lane ?? 140 euro
  • Standing still with danger to others ?? 140 euro
  • No valid MOT test certificate ?? 130
  • Driving without a license ?? 90 euro
  • Turn without indicating direction ?? 90 euro
  • Failing to stop at red explains dosage ?? 90 euro
  • Cutting military column or funeral procession ?? 90 euro
  • Error parking ?? 90 euro
  • Ignore Mandatory direction ?? 90 euro
  • Driving with illegible registration ?? To 45 ?? 130 euro

Technical defects in the car

Also with exceptional driveability and correct papers you run into a traffic fine, namely when your vehicle does not meet the requirements.
  • Defective tires ?? To 140 ?? 470 euro
  • Overloading the car ?? To 140 ?? 470 euro
  • Bug at brake lights ?? 140 euro
  • Bug to exhaust ?? 140 euro
  • Faulty plates ?? 130 euro
  • Lights not working ?? 90
  • Faulty tail ?? 45

Administration costs

Do you get a ticket you must also pay the corresponding fee to the Central Judicial Collection Agency. These administrative costs amount in 2015 ?? 7 euros. It makes no sense not to pay these costs in protest. This amount is deducted from your first payment. Failure to meet the administrative costs this will therefore result in you ?? 7 euro amount of the fine have not complied. This can lead to an increase of the initial amount of penalty which makes for more are lost.

Pay fines in installments

It is the intention of the government to allow the fines higher than ?? 225 euros to be paid in installments. Do should lead to fewer repossessions and bailiff procedures for people who do not pay their fines once.

To object

Do you disagree with the ticket you received then you can object. To assess whether your objects succeed deserves to make the first recommendation on the website of the Public Prosecution Objection Test. This will give you a good indication of your chances. If you are ticketed for speeding flashed where you are you can to the police the photograph of this request. In a number of police forces can thereby also view additional information like ijkrapport of the flash device and information about the official who set up the device.
The decision of the prosecutor can appeal to the courts. Please note that such an appeal will only be processed if the amount of the fine is paid. Your failure to pay the fine and not to appeal.
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These fines have actually nothing to do with safety. It is just a disguised form to fill the state coffers ?? The same as is seen today in which police programs ?? If t to safety after someone they loved was his first offense already ?? No. They're still just 5 minutes with 180 hang out to see what more he might do wrong ?? I have absolutely no understanding or respect more for this kind of performances ??


A16 is a three-lane road. Our southern neighbors, the Belgians remain quite often ride on the middle lane, I want that pass from the right hand lane then I must cross two lanes to the middle lane rider to passeren.Deze action make necessary degree of risk, which the Belgians may well agree not just right lane, then I only have to pass a course. This goes for many kilometers and the Belgians will remain on the center lane rijden.Ik may not pass right through wamt it costs too much.


Why is a mandatory seat belt but not a motorcycle suit while it has more injuries in an accident? I always get the chills when I see driving along such a person.


The penalty of something is simply too high point. But where I am on bad: I live on a cycle path and have barely been given a disabled parking space in front of my door, but I now see it is just another parking lot on the bike path as there is behind a large parking area, also they put often the car again on my car and the police line there just watching along not even post here? Calling does not say go there and ask leveling after leveling or they put away the car and if you send an email you still get no response back? Have just once calculated illegal parking here now ?? 540, - illegal parking + ?? 370, - on my handicapped parking and say nothing about it but you happen to be driving without lights on the bike bingo is not to believe?


It is good that the violations are serious, therefore I started to wear my seatbelt. But where is the damn logic that a cyclist without lights or no hands-free phoning as low or not being fined. It is this category that cause the most dangerous situation in traffic and not the one on the right goes left overtake the rider still remains left lane when driving for quite some time left. If one is fine for the reluctant cyclist ever going to raise the level of the car fine saves not tens but hundreds of deaths and injuries on the road. Come if you please no longer with the loose talk about safety, the car remains a melkkoe.ex. driving instructor


How much does parking in a blue zone without blue card behind the windscreen?


Strange to administration. A professor had won a lawsuit and 6 euros paid. but looking at but people still asleep. They know the laws yet. or too busy with everything. ludicrous that everything must be so high. What a stressful land here. en.aar picking and picking. The rich get richer the poor get poorer! Illuminatti!


Overtaking is certain in the list, where is this drive for unnecessary links? Should they give out more often.


That story about the handling is not quite the reality as evidenced by recent uitspraken.Jammer that the PPS does not include this then ??


I say good job! Now enough agents to rules handhaven.Dit is the law and you must adhere to. If the fines were low, people adhere certainly not the law. Can not miss it if you find it a shame? Obey the traffic rules and then you have no problem!


If 6 weeks after getting a speeding ticket no ticket has come within the term then expired? I was told by the agent that I get home the ticket within six weeks so. Mvg Gerrit Mulder.


I think the fines in Netherlands ridiculously high. I think Netherlands is the leader of the world in the level of boetes.Dat is just a way for the prosecutor to obtain money from the citizen to bare plukken.Het has nothing to do with safety op.In Germany fines sometimes 10 times lower than in the Netherlands.


I miss the rates for unsuitability for trucks, I liked last Thursday at the end of a major was not left or right bans for trucks. Got a speeding ticket agent but did not know how tall he was! What to expect? Regards Iwan.