Traffic - Height Fines - Submitting an appeal

Traffic - Traffic fines. Where violations are committed, or abuse is made of alcohol and drugs in traffic, the government acts with a firm hand. The fines can be up to several hundred euros, and .... at worst to withdraw from driving or confiscation of the driving license. Read may have some implications for traffic and alcohol use in traffic for the driver.

Beginner Driving license

Since March 30, 2002 for novice drivers apply -the first five years after receiving the driving license stricter rules. Will you for the following facts apprehended by the police, then following registration with the Public Prosecutor and possible reduction of the points of your initial license. Upon conviction of three serious offenses within five years, the driving license of invalidity may follow.
To be charged with a violation beginner's license:
  • speeding by more than 30 km. per hour
  • causing danger or obstruction in the road, according to Article 5 of the Road Traffic *
  • breach of article 6 of the Road Traffic *
  • violation of Article 19 of the RVV 1990. Among others tailgating
  • significant violation of article 20, 21, 22 of the Road Traffic Act.
  • ignoring traffic signs giving orders or prohibition
  • not properly observe traffic rules or traffic signs, if this injury to persons or damage caused to property caused

* Coat Rack Article: Article 5 of the Road Traffic Act:

'Any person permitted to behave in such a way that danger is caused on the road, or can be caused, or that traffic on the road is hindered or can be hindered. "
This is among other things, aggressive driving, or "putting risk behavior" under. Aggressive driving can-depending on the severity to a conviction of two months' imprisonment, or a fine of ?? 2250 lead. The driving license can be denied on conviction to two years.

* Article 6 of the Road Traffic: injury or wrongful death

"Injury or death by negligence: it is the man who is slain another in traffic participates forbidden to behave in a way that takes place in a traffic accident to his fault causing or allowing another serious physical injury or such bodily injury resulting temporary disease or obstruction in the course of normal activities arises. "
There is as a result of aggressive culpable driving accidents involving casualties place, this will be charged as a misdemeanor, which can follow the denial of the right to drive of five years and a maximum of nine years' imprisonment can be imposed.

Prosecution - Submitting an appeal:

Do you as a result of an offense received a decision or do you disagree with the decision, you can lodge an objection against the Public Prosecution.
Based on the most common objections you can already make an assessment of your chances of success. Look for more clarity and insight on: Objection filing Penalties / Fines. On this site you will also find instructions and information about setting up an objection.
The amounts for the following infringements relate to fines from 2009. Look for the current fines at:
Fines and penalties in traffic

Fine ?? excessive speeds in km / h: Residential area

* Amount of the fine is determined by the Public Prosecutor, depending on the severity and the situation

Fine ?? excessive speeds in km / h: Out of town

* Amount of the fine is determined by the Public Prosecutor, depending on the severity and the situation

Fine ?? excessive speeds in km / h On motorways

Height fines in euros number of common violation

Height fines in euros with excess alcohol

Depending on the offense / crime the penalties for alcohol abuse may include:
  • fines
  • imposition of a ban
  • disqualification from driving for a maximum of five years; repeatedly for 10 years
  • impose a sentence of imprisonment
* BAC applicable to persons with a beginner's license
** For mopeds and moped riders apply about half of the above penalties

Height penalties for drug use in traffic

Depending on the agent used, the amount and severity:
  • imprisonment of three months, or
  • a fine of up to ?? 4500
  • disqualification from driving for five years; repeatedly for 10 years