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Traffic rules - 1990. The RVV RVV = Traffic Rules and Signs knows in Article 1 definitions to tell us what, where, when and how to judge in traffic certain matters. In this article I give alphabetically definitions again, plus things you possible to deal with the daily traffic you receive or benefit can join.


Vehicles that are propelled by a vehicle or obviously intended to be interpreted as advanced, as well as semi-trailers.
Here you have to think more broadly than what we include eg means a trailer or caravan. Drag another car with the car, then the car towed seen as partisan. Link your trailer behind another trailer or not. This is not intended to propel a trailer.


Motor vehicle designed and intended to be used for ambulance as defined in the Ambulance Act. Keep in traffic in particular to an ambulance that carries optical and noise protection signals; service as required space. Trade calmly, do not panic and if necessary make some more speed when there is no space to catch up to the ambulance or space for yourself to make room in the shoulder, the side of the road, etc.


Motor vehicle, designed to carry more than eight persons, including the driver did not understand.
Important when participating in traffic ?? especially in built compass is you have to let go for a bus like this -by means of declaring with the turn signal has indicated the stop wanting to drive away. It does not matter if it's a local ?? bekende- bus company or a touring carbedrijf whose bus is involved. They are both buses! This rule was drawn up because you can not see on the outside of the bus or the bus maintains a so-called liner service or instance is hired by a shortage of material for a short time.


Road sign indicated by G1 in Annex 1; along motorways, car parks, petrol stations and bus stop locations are not part of the motorway from.
Could this be the case, then you could theoretically 120 km. per hour and drive in such situations.
It is also true that for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, disabled vehicles, etc. would not be possible on / to be within such a situation and move on, because this must not be situated on a motorway. For them, of course laid out a different approach road. A motorway is intended for motor vehicles which can quickly and may then drive 60 kilometers per hour.


Road, designated by sign G3 of Annex I; off-motorway car parks, petrol stations and bus stop locations are not part of the motorway from
The speed limit on the motorway is 100 kilometers. per hour and these roads may be driven only by drivers of motor vehicles that a speed limit of 50 km. per hour and allowed to drive. On a motorway you can expect -in contrast to a autosnelweg- drivers crossing and traffic lights, which requires extra attention.

Company car

Commercial vehicle as defined in Article 1.1, part H, of the Vehicle Rules.

Pickup Truck

Motor vehicle intended for the transport of goods whose maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3500 kg.

Local traffic

Drivers whose destination involves one or more certain parcels located on or in the immediate vicinity of a road with traffic signs shown by closed explanation for certain categories of drivers and which are only accessible via this route as well as drivers of buses.
If you for example ?? as far as a closed explain your category proposal now lives on the road, going on visits, which must deliver or otherwise this road should go in with a focused goal, then this is permissible. If ?? sneak route and the like ?? not!

Driver of a motor vehicle

  • He who is driving the vehicle, or
  • to the extent it relates to a motor vehicle for the driving of which a driver's license B, C, D or E is required, and which is provided with a dual control, he gives the driving instruction or monitors in the context of a behalf of the government set test of skills other than an investigation under Article 131, first paragraph, of the Act.
  • These are drivers of all motorized vehicles except mopeds and disabled vehicles, provided they are not moved by rail.
  • at the teach in lesauto driving instructor is legal driver; The pupil is the actual driver, but is not liable for mistakes he or she makes in traffic.

  • Directors

    All road users other than pedestrians.
    This distinction is important when applying the rules of granting ?? or non- priority and to let go. Priority is arranged between administrators. When we speak of pedestrians let go for

    Authorised supervision

    Authority referred to in Article 18, first paragraph, of the Act.
    These include competent civil servants in ao Township, Water, Province and Empire: police, gendarmerie. Instructions -by these services gegeven- must be followed by road users.

    Brom Bakfiets

    Moped on three symmetrical wheels and two front wheels with a diameter of more than 0.60 m., Fitted out solely for the transport of goods and the driver and possibly a passenger seated behind the driver.
    For people and animals, it is therefore not allowed to enter the bucket ?? ?? take it or be transported instead.


    Moped on more than two wheels, which is provided with a bodywork

    Bus lane

    Roadway on which the word BUS ?? ?? SCHEDULED BUS ?? or ?? is arranged.
    There is thus a separate lane for buses, with passenger ?? s and vehicles other than a bus should not use. Is there affixed the word 'SCHEDULED BUS' on the road, then this only for buses.

    Bus lane

    By solid or broken lines marked portion of the roadway on which the word ?? BUS ?? SCHEDULED BUS ?? or ?? is arranged.
    Here you may the marked section ?? as director, other than those not using a bus, where the lines are extended. Where the lines is interrupted.


    The period between sunrise and sunset.
    Important to know if you should find yourself somewhere and the obligation to conduct enlightenment.


    Motor vehicle designed and intended to be used for the transport of sick and injured animals.

    Main carriageway

    Lane without the insert and deceleration lanes.
    Think of the total of the lanes on the highway, besides the mentioned insert and deceleration lanes.

    Wheel motor vehicle

    Three-wheeled motor vehicle as defined in Article 1.1, section q, jo. Parts AB, ap and x, in conjunction with Article 1.4, second paragraph, of the Voertuigreglement.Kortgezegd they are given a three-wheeled motor vehicle with a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 cm3. and must weigh less than 400 kg. with passengers and 550 kg. for freight as well as a number of agricultural and tracked vehicles with a maximum speed of 6 to 25 km. per hour.

    Bicycle lane

    By solid or broken lines marked portion of the roadway on which images of a bicycle are fitted.
    The solid line, do not exceed, the well stopped. If there is no symbol / image of a cyclist on the strip, then we talk about a bicycle suggestion strip, the continuous line is omitted. Bike-suggestion strips have ?? independently of protecting the cyclist in particular a speed-inhibiting effect. The construction of these strips is the optical path narrowed, which promotes a quieter ride.

    Disabled Vehicle

    Vehicle is equipped to carry a disabled person is not wider than 1.10m and not equipped with a motor, or is equipped with an engine which is the maximum design speed not exceeding 45 km per hour and no moped is.
    The speed limit for a disabled vehicle is within the urban area 30 km. per hour and outside urban areas 40 km. per hour. Because this is a disabled vehicle, these drivers have more privileges than other drivers. They can drive anywhere, but must then follow the rules applicable to traffic within the situation they find themselves too. So on the sidewalk and pedestrian rules on the carriageway of directors.

    Closed Statement

    Prohibition to drive or go into the road in question and use the road in question.
    Here we often such plates of indicating to road users what this is, or which are excluded.

    Shark teeth

    Priority Triangles on the road.
    In many cases, used in combination with board B6.
    Meaning: grant priority to drivers crossing.
    Also watch zebras and adjacent bicycle / moped paths.


    By a marker block from the main carriageway separated portion of the road which is intended for drivers who drive up the through lane.
    Overtaking is made ?? so there is- a block marking allowed. Requiring additional attention in such a situation.


    Intersection or junction of roads.
    This situation always ?? partly dependent on approaching the sight onsite- with appropriate speed and apply the rules. Related Crossroads ?? ?? recognize ??.

    Bus service

    Motor vehicle used for the performance of public transport within the meaning of the Passenger Transport Act 2000.
    The approach ?? ?? Bus see.

    Military column

    A number behind each other standing military -then be used by a part of the disaster-response organization zijnde- vehicles, under a commander, flying the identification established by the Minister in consultation with the Minister of Defence.
    If the prescribed identification fed you may not cut a military column
    The identifiers are:
    • First vehicle: two blue flags and a translucent cover for right headlight
    • following vehicles: one blue flag on the right and a blue translucent cover for right headlight
    • last vehicle: one green flag and a green translucent cover for right headlight
    The lighting of all vehicles have to be ignited thereby. These characteristics are not made, the directors of the military column must abide by the traffic rules.
    See a military column ?? in your approach- as one long vehicle.


    Two-wheel vehicles, with or without side-trailer or
    Consider the fact that motorcyclists are unstable and road users in the event of a traffic jam between the established traffic flow through -stapvoets- allowed to drive.

    Motor vehicles

    All motorized vehicles except mopeds, bicycles with pedal assistance and disabled vehicles intended to be driven by means other than by rail.
    Also fall tractors, trolley buses and the like under. Trams and trains, because these are moved along rails.


    The period between sunset and sunrise.
    See day

    Level crossing

    Intersection of a road and a railweg, which is indicated by means of plate J12 or J13.
    A handle should always be fully free until you can cross the level crossing at once. Look also on the railroad to assess whether there is enough traffic flow to do this.

    Parking bay or parking lane

    Located along the roadway surface, which is intended for stationary or parked vehicles.


    Letting stop of a vehicle, other than during the time required for and used for the immediate embarkation or disembarkation of passengers or for the immediate loading and unloading of goods.
    Parking is always for a long time, otherwise you stop talking about.


    Passenger as provided in Article 1.1, ate part of the Vehicles Regulations.

    Point Piece

    More Angled flat on the pavement, included in splits or merges roads, lanes or roadways.


    For each section of road vehicles used with the exception of bicycle paths and bicycle / moped paths.
    If a section does not ?? for any moving vehicle is designed, provisions are taken to close this stretch of road, or there must be a personal ?? access policy ?? be fed .


    By continuous or broken lines marked portion of the carriageway of such a width that drivers of motor vehicles with more than two wheels are available for them.
    This means that the minimum carriageway width should have the local current maximum width of the vehicle including the load, namely: passenger ?? s 2.50 m, trucks / refrigerated trucks 2.55 / 2.60 mtr..


    Moped according to an affixed mark is constructed as defined in Article 5.6.1 paragraph Vehicle Regulations for a maximum speed not exceeding 25 km per hour. Vehicles are equipped with one or two in this article orange plates or orange areas be treated, for the purposes of this Decision with mopeds.
    The speed limit for mopeds is both in and outside urban areas 25 km per hour.

    Striker Strip

    The emergency lane as lane designated according plate C23-01 Annex 1.
    A relatively new situation, the emergency -at relieve the traffic pressure at file-whether or not temporarily open to drivers of motor vehicles.


    Bus, on which a note on the registration certificate or the vehicle registration shows that it is arranged so that it is eligible for a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
    Here you instantly think of buses deployed as coach.

    Smoke rises

    By a marker block from the main carriageway separated portion of the road which is intended for drivers who leave the main carriageway.
    See lane

    Safety Cell

    Part of the construction of a moped, motorcycle or three-wheeled motor vehicle drivers or passengers protection from head injury.

    Expulsion Close

    Part of the roadway on which slashes were made.
    Expulsion planes are meant to guide the traffic and you can not drive. Therefore sufficiently forward looking and ?? if necessary- timely choose the correct lane.


    All road users.
    So drivers and pedestrians.

    Refuge or emergency

    By a solid line of the carriageway of the motorway or freeway separated section of road, which is intended for use in emergencies.
    For emergency use only, not for telephoning, map reading, sanitary stop and the like.


    Bicycles, disabled vehicles, motor vehicles, trams and cars.
    So both on the road, and rail.

    Give priority

    The concerned drivers enable unhindered to continue on their way.
    Priority should never take you, but you always get. To continue on their way unmolested you should also consider providing the driving line of those you prevail.

    Priority Vehicle

    Motor vehicle that carries optical and acoustic signals provided for in: Article 29:
    Motorists at police and fire services, ambulances and vehicles of other emergency services designated by the Minister carry blue rotating or flashing and a two-tone horn to indicate that they fulfill an urgent task.
    Above signals are not fed, the drivers of these vehicles must follow the traffic rules or signs.


    Motor vehicle not equipped for the transport of persons, of which the maximum mass exceeds 3500 kg.
    To drive a truck is at least C license is required.

    Road users

    Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers of a disabled vehicle, a vehicle or a tram, riders, accompanying horses or other animals or livestock and directors of a strung or unstrung car.
    Think in traffic on the distinction between drivers and road users and traffic.


    Road Traffic Act 1994.
    An important article here: Article 5, which states:
    It is anyone allowed to behave in such a way that the traffic will be on the road in danger or can be placed or is hindered or can be hindered.


    Seat as defined in Article 1.1, part bo, Vehicle Regulations.
    A structure that is specially constructed and which can accommodate an adult. It can be both an individual seat as part of a bench seat one person. An improvised
    seat or a seat for use when stationary, does not fall under the category ?? ?? seat.

    For all traffic signs and their meaning, see:

    All signs
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    Can anyone help me? I recently appealed a fine for parking in a handicapped spot without disability card. But I stood along the road and not in a handicapped spot. If beslising I received the following: "The public prosecutor finds that there was in this case of parking within the meaning of article in the regulations traffic rules and traffic signs 1990." After reading dez site, I feel that this is totally no sense. Who can help me by telling that this is handled correctly or not, thank you.


    Motor vehicles other than intended by spoorstaven.Houdt tram trains that do not belong there at this running on rails here lopen.M VR GR.Leon


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    Dear Julia, I can imagine that there is some confusion, but they are two different issues, namely: The RVV talking about motorvoertuigen.Alle motorized vehicles except mopeds, scooters, mopeds mobiles disabled vehicles, destined to be different than along rails voortbewogen.Treinen and trams should therefore not bij.Waar the traffic rules so you have to deal especially with the RVV. Imagine what each meant above vehicle may or may not speak in the verkeer.De WVW intended motorrijtuigen.Alle on vehicles other than to be moved along rails, solely or partly by a mechanical force, or the vehicle itself present than or by electric traction with power supply elders.Treinen and trams should also not there, but an example trollybus wel.Het WVW is basically about all vehicles which are directly or indirectly driven by a motor. This is much more common than the engine-run vehicles in the RVV.Het difference between the two is mostly legal. The WVW for-all important for the legislature to determine which vehicle that can drive and whether a vehicle meets the requirements, illegal etc. You have it in your question so on the Road Traffic Act, but in practice on the road you have to maken.Ik with RVV and so on motor vehicles do not understand what to do with 'tunnen character "mean? I hope this story a little less obscure maakt.Groeten, Micho Est


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