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Car driving in the winter with sleet, snow and icy conditions. Although we are faced not often in the Netherlands with wintry conditions when driving, we can be teased in the winter from time to time by snow and icy conditions. It is important in the winter to be prepared if you are going to participate in traffic and with a number of things should be considered, so you while driving is not surprised by sudden wintry weather and smoothness. In this article you will find tips and points that will help the winter safe car driving through.

Remember in slippery as a general rule

A wet road is twice as smooth as a dry road.
A snowy road is twice as slippery as a wet road.
A frozen road is twice as slippery as a snowy road.

Types smoothness

  • Freezing of a wet road
  • Smoothness by precipitation at low air and pavement temperature
  • Smoothness condensation and formation of ice crystals
  • Slippery when it rains after long drought

  • Tips before and when driving in slippery conditions

    • Keep a weather forecast and traffic information at
    • Rather Go out the door to make the necessary preparations
    • Also take into consideration a longer journey
    • Clean all windows of ice / snow. Good vision is vital
    • Pull from rest quietly and accelerate gradually
    • Adjust your speed to the conditions
    • Increase your following distance to the vehicle in front of you
    • Look further ahead to play in a timely manner the behavior of others
    • Brake -if necessary- dosed quietly and evenly
    • Increase your visibility and enter the correct lighting
    • Drive twisty road sections with appropriate speed, steering calm
    • Threatens to skid the car, get off the brake and continue to steer in the desired direction until the tires regain grip
    • Drive in a higher gear and turn quietly back to slow slightly

    Tips and in the car in winter

    • Battery: Check the condition of the battery
    • Tires: beware sufficient tread, fit with prolonged snow winter
    • Tire pressure: provide proper tire pressure for optimum contact with the road surface
    • Good vision is vital, get a good scraper
    • Handbrake: Park the car at no frost on the handbrake cable may freeze
    • Coolant: Check this and select a quality winter
    • Cleaning the car: brine / salt etc assassinate bottom and paintwork
    • Rubbers: treat the rubbers with talcum powder or petroleum jelly to freeze
    • Window damage, let asterisks ed before the frost period repair else tear this possible
    • Windscreen wipers: make this quiet apart from the window to avoid damage. Turn the wipers off by default after each ride
    • Wiper fluid: regularly check the quantity and quality care for winter
    • Skid course this is highly advisable to learn to deal with winter conditions and also fun
    • Slotontdooier: keep them well out of the car, never use hot water
    • Mirrors: make it clean for optimal visibility
    • With running of the engine during crabs: This is bad for the engine and the environment .. ??
    • Lighting: check it regularly and take spare bulbs. Clean the glass regularly
    • Warm clothes: go dressed warm enough on the road, because of any luck / block
    • Ice scraper: choose good quality i.v.m. window damage / scratches

    Winter tires - Need or commerce

    Netherlands has in recent years fallen massively for the winter. In journals are highlighted on the use of winter tires. Look at the article Winter tires - Sense or nonsense and form your own opinion.

    Car Maintenance - winter turn

    Not everyone has the technical knowledge or the meaning or ability to perform self-maintenance to the car. This while a good technical condition of the vehicle is strong in winter conditions-it can be vital. The conduct of a winter routine is not a luxury. Read what running a quality garage in a winter turn in the article: Car Care - Winter Turn

    Car water

    Each of the shock: get water with your car. Although you hope that it will happen no one, unfortunately, the reality is different. In winter, with smoothness, the probability will be greater than under dry and calm weather. No one will be able to estimate in advance how he or she reacts when it happens to you. Apart from the sheer shock and / or slap the icy water will undoubtedly have an impact on the perception and action. Yet it can not hurt to know in the article Car water of practice.

    What you should also know when participating in traffic - traffic participation

    In traffic we know many rules and codes of conduct that everyone must know and follow. The traffic in the Netherlands and how this works can be found in the special "traffic signs". But what are the consequences of using too much alcohol in traffic, how belaad your trailer, or how the lines on Dutch roads will look like .... and more? In the special --- Traffic participation - What you should know "> Traffic participation - What you should know --- you will find many articles that discuss these things and where you can get face every day as motorists Read the articles and carrier. to the safety of yourself and other road users!
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    There are also instructions for driving with an automatic transmission on a slippery road?


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