Trailer behind the car when it is an E driving license?

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A trailer behind the car. Often, the legislation is not entirely clear. When did you now need an E license? A clear overview of how it really is.

E behind B necessary?

Since 1984 gets you if you have passed the driving license no longer automatically the unlimited power to drive with a trailer. Nowadays you have to do a separate exam here for to get in there that letter E. Often there is confusion about whether you as a driver of a combination of a passenger car with trailer does or does not have the proper license. For example, anyone with a heavy trailer, a horse trailer, boat trailer or other trailer will drive usually requires a valid Dutch driving license BE and must have done so previously separate exam. However, this is not always necessary.

What should be drawn with a B license?

The driving license B you can tow a trailer t / m 750 kg.
This means that you can drive a car with a trailer, including load capacity, weighs no more than 750 kg.
This weight does so for the trailer itself, plus what what's inside. This should not have more than 750 kg.
In some cases you may have more pull with your B license than 750 kg, in this case plays the total weight of the combination with. The maximum authorized mass of the total combination may not exceed 3500 kg.
On the registration of your car you can find the unladen weight of this weight go out.
Example: Unladen vehicle mass: 1450 kg payload vehicle 600 kg and the maximum trailer weight: 1430 kg. This may be so with a B license because the maximum trailer weight is less than the unladen mass of the motor vehicle and the maximum total mass of the combination is less than 3500 kg.
The papers of the trailer is also what the maximum weight of the trailer and its contents may be, so the combination without a car. Will you come over this total of 3500 kg for the car and the trailer and contents from? Then a trailer license is necessary.

Borderline cases, and now?

Suppose you are sitting just 50 kilos over the weight with your current combination, what can you do? First gaining the E driving license is of course a possibility, it does cost something, but it ensures that you do not have to count and with virtually any combination of path you without any hassle. Are you in possession of a large 1.5 paards trailer? Then you can often pull according to the papers of the trailer than what your horse weighs. The total combined net overweight? You can submit an application to the RDW to approve leave something back to the load of the trailer. If you can load 900 kg for example, but a horse does not weigh more than 700kg, and you're just 50 kg over the maximum limit, you can leave the 900kg to 800kg payload back approve for example. The application at the RDW is cheaper than obtaining an E license, but mind you, judging the weight back can also reduce the value of your trailer.

Get the trailer license

Often turns out in practice often useful or necessary to make the trailer license. Most of us have ever ridden in a small trailer home from the hardware store or something and it turns out that actually send to fall bad. As long as you can straight nice ride and the road is spacious and quiet, there is not really much going on. Except when it once is not such a nice quiet wide road, but narrow and less easily passable, or very busy. And then? Then it is useful if you know what to do and you do not get stuck by ignorance. To learn more or make a trial lesson? Virtually every school offers the possibility to obtain an E behind B and can often estimate through a lesson how long you'll need to get that one extra letter.
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My car is 1045 kg, the loaded horse trailer 1146 kg. Can I drive? Did my trailer license.


Hello, I can not find what I can pull my car as I have indeed met hot-license? The empty vehicle mass is 1533 kg. The draw maxium weight is 1500 kg braked. But then it says on the registration certificate and also a technical permissible maximum mass of 2 210 kg. Does this mean that if I do have E may pull a horse trailer of 2000 kg with this car? Or am I also stuck to 1500 kg? And do I have to watch the trailer hitch or drawbar load?


Dear LezerHoe is controlled by the French insurance if I ride with a French car all risk insurance with a trailer with a Dutch registration which must be separately insured or the insurance money from the towing vehicle Thanks greetings H Wittens