Travel documents that you bring a car during holidays

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Travel documents should not be forgotten when you go on holiday. Even if you are traveling by car within Europe. That is often a relaxed and pleasant way of traveling for those who enjoy driving. By car, go on vacation does indeed too much freedom. You can leave whenever you want, stopping en route if you feel like it or when needed for the kids or the dog. At the destination, you have also always carrying with you. Errands and outings happen in one's own pace and you have more freedom in picking out the places you want to visit.

Properly prepare a road trip

A holiday travel by car must however be well prepared. Especially the different documents should not be forgotten when it suits. Some of these documents must also be timely checked if they are not to be renewed. Do not plane before departure, because it is often too late to timely get a new document in your hands.

The pass and the driving license

Check out a few months before you want to travel or passing and driving licenses of you and your partner are valid until after the holidays. Sometimes you do have to wait a little longer, until you have the new documents in hands, so be there on time. In addition, new passport ?? s usually still be made, because the rules of the government are therefore sometimes changed once again.

The green card car insurance

Especially take the green card from your car insurance with. Especially on uninsured car ?? s check and manage foreign policemen sternly. You must also prove that your car is insured.

Membership of the ANWB

Not only take the membership card of the AA with, but also the phone number of the headquarters in the Netherlands and its branch office in the country where you are going. If you get on the road or during your stay an accident or breakdown on the car and can not correct it, then it's nice to be there to get help from the ANWB.

Contact numbers for Visa card, debit card, etc.

Risk of theft of money and bank cards was mainly traveling realistically present. It happens to holiday guests from all walks of life. However much you too careful, thieves constantly invent new tricks where you are not always aware of. Always make a list of the telephone numbers to call, for example, your MasterCard, VISA, debit card, etc. to block. If you do not, and you have there on your vacation address will first seek to go, then thieves have any more time to clean out your account. Give them that pleasure.

Insurance information

Provide a good travel and take the information about it on a trip. In any case, you must take the phone number of the contact, so you can immediately even in case of theft of valuable pieces by giving what happened. It makes you more credible than if you would let us know after your return. Theft always give in to the police the place where you stay and ask for a security copy of the declaration.

Insurance health insurance

Take your health insurance card with you. The possibility of a visit to a doctor or hospital abroad, it is nice to be able to show that card. Usually the case is well with the fund mutually settled, especially when it comes to expensive hospital bills, but sometimes you must also pay the bill but can submit it later to the office of your health insurance fund for reimbursement purposes.

Vignettes are part of the travel documents

You need a vignette for each country to travel through the motorways in Austria and Switzerland. You can go and get it all in the Netherlands at the ANWB, or also on the border with those countries at the customs. There they are slightly cheaper, because in the Netherlands has the ANWB there is some administration with. At the border, however, you must especially during holiday peaks or even stand for a vignette in line. With a vignette bought in the Netherlands, you usually faster over the border and usually do not hardly stop.

The Visa Card, MasterCard and / or cash for toll

In Scandinavia, France, Italy, Spain, etc. must be paid for a number of toll roads. At the beginning and the end of such a toll road toll gates stand. You'll be there to pay toll. Above the toll is often indicates whether the gate is for trucks or passenger ?? s and whether you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, or just with money. Row since then also not too fast; do not let that take you to the correct gate. Sometimes it is very busy. Are you a wrong gate built reason it is difficult to get out again and select another.


Even if you have a trip navigator in your car, always make sure you take a map with you in case the navigator it is unexpectedly let go. It happens rarely, but it happens! You'll sit down somewhere in the dark in a foreign country if the navigator fails. So always also paper information along for the trip and for the part of the country where your accommodation is situated. In the glove takes only little space, but you are always assisted in distress and can also verify that the correct information from the navigator, if you do not trust it.

Receipt of new devices that you carry

Within Europe, a number of tax-free zones, including Samnaun and Livigno, where you can make tax-free purchases. But that also means that customs checks directly outside those areas added to drinks, perfumes, watches and other hard luxury items. Since the winter visitors from Ischl can, which have been high on the ridge just to Samnaun to buy for example a new, expensive watch there to talk about. So you have just got a new watch, bought a new photonic device, a new iPhone or iPad, then insert the proof of purchase with your travel documents so that you can always prove that you have purchased it legally in the Netherlands. You can not prove that you run the risk of having to pay any fees at the border still on duty.

Information on holiday address

Do not forget to put the information on the holiday destination with the other travel documents. Especially address, telephone number of the contact, the road information about the last part of the trip and a little picture of the building where you will stay. Also handy is always a good booklet with information on your holiday resort and the surrounding area. Often there are also hiking trails, places that are worth visiting, information about cities and buildings, trips and good restaurants. From the ANWB can obtain this, but also with a bit of luck at the local library, if you are a member. You can also search by your own information over the Internet.

Collect all travel documents in a folder together

Place all required documents together, so you can take them all on the same day at the same time. Only with the pass, driving license and green card which is difficult, because you usually need every day. It also set aside on your packing list and cross everything that goes into the car off. That way there is later everything and forget nothing.

Travel Plugs

Incidentally, never forget to bring along your journey plugs when traveling, so your electric shaver in any country, your laptop, so you can connect to the net. Dutch plugs sometimes differ from the plugs of other countries, but with a travel adapter allows you to capture them. Travel Plugs are among others also from the ANWB for sale.

A little extra tip on travel expenses

If you come on your journey close to Samnaun and Livigno, go refuel there. Also, there is gasoline tax and that it is worthwhile to go there refuel prove the many stations along the way. Livigno especially lends itself to a fuel stop, because you can travel through it. Samnaun is unfortunately at the end of a deep valley, and there is therefore less suitable for, although a trip to it is most worthwhile when you are on holiday in Austria living in close harmony. You combine a nice outing with a cheap tank.