Used Car: If you opt for petrol, diesel or LPG?

Fuel is expensive and it is therefore important to opt for a car with an engine that fits your specific needs. Many people do not know whether they are in the purchase of a second-best to choose a car with gasoline, diesel or LPG as fuel. For although the price per liter is lower for diesel and LPG, it may be that the choice of a car that runs on gasoline in your case works out the cheapest. When you choose diesel or LPG, and when gasoline when buying a used car?

What is generally the difference in price per liter between petrol, diesel and LPG?

Even with gasoline prices fall slightly in recent years, it is relatively cheaper to opt for a used car with a diesel or LPG engine. Which means; If you purely look at the price per liter of fuel, LPG is the most profitable, followed by diesel. Driving a Diesel is on average 15 to 20% more economical than running on petrol. LPG is a whopping 50% more economical than running on petrol. However, it was only that simple. Indeed, there are many more factors that determine or opt for a used car diesel or LPG in your personal situation is advantageous or not.

What factors determine whether you can best choose diesel or LPG or maybe just for gasoline?

Besides the price per liter is in a used car is important to look at the road tax you pay. Ie you pay more road tax, if you drive a diesel or LPG car than if you opt for a traditional car on gasoline. It is also important to look at how much you spend each year to service engine. An LPG engine and requires a lot of expensive annual maintenance. Finally, it is important to look at how fast you write off your car, or decreases in value. A diesel car lives longer than a used car that runs on gasoline and is therefore more stable value.

How do you determine the tipping point to determine what fuel motor for you is the most beneficial?

Looking at the road tax and fuel prices on an average-sized second-hand, it is more advantageous to opt for diesel if you drive more than 12,000 kilometers annually. At the moment that you make more kilometers, it is more advantageous to opt for diesel fuel rather than for gasoline. When you are driving more than 6,000 kilometers per year, an LPG car is cheaper than a car with a diesel or gasoline engine. Then, however, we have not arrived yet, since also maintenance and the value retention of a used car are important for making a good choice for the future.

What type of fuel requires the most maintenance?

A diesel lives generally longer than a gasoline engine. You can also get a diesel engine more mileage out of your fill-up. The price of the maintenance of a diesel engine drives is similar to that of a car running on petrol. A used car with an LPG engine is very expensive to maintain. For every 10 000 kilometers you drive the valves have to be adjusted, especially if you are more on the way, you have to consider high maintenance, returning three to four times a year.

Is there a used vehicle on petrol, diesel or LPG is most beneficial in my situation?

Since a diesel engine live longer than a petrol engine and the diesel used car last longer, but it is not expensive to buy, Diesel is a great choice if you make more than 12,000 kilometers per year. An engine on LPG is extremely expensive to maintain, and you spend a lot of time and energy to frequent repairs. For most people driving on diesel so economical looking at price per liter, maintenance, road tax and motor life. Note however that you properly calculate what for you is the most favorable and take into account the factors listed here.