Vertigo and ballooning

Many people call for information and the most asked question is what about heights. Is there just give answer? What fears do people actually mean? Altitude sickness, vertigo, claustrophobia, fear of flying ?? where exactly is it about? For many people, it is unthinkable that they stand in a basket, then through a very simple principle, the rising of hot air, hundreds of meters above the ground is lifted. They are afraid and do not dare to risk and argue on the phone so that they are always aware tend to jump down. Unfortunately they do not know that it is only a tendency for never is anyone afraid of heights deliberately jumped down. We, balloonists, find that reassuring, incidentally, you can imagine why.
But it is right that you are wondering what to get really involved a balloon because a fear, in this type of cases often pose a phobia, serious complaints can and you the pleasure of a hot air balloon nice embitter and let's face it, there so ?? s momentum before too expensive. I'd like you to have to tell you about the different possibilities in a balloon fears.


That does not appeal to everyone but it does occasionally that someone in the basket breaks a sweat, nauseous and started to panic. A basket under a balloon happens to have a certain size, depending on the size of the balloon above. The basket can accommodate a maximum number of people and almost every balloonist will try to get maximum number of recipients to keep his ballooning profitable. If those who sail them rather than put it happens that there is not much room to move about in the basket, and certainly not as the pilot who should have optimal visibility for safety, You ask as to advance. A person with claustrophobia or likes a lot of space around it and it can fall so occasionally against. Do you suffer from claustrophobia, please notify hesitate and every pilot will take into account the planning with them and tell you what you have to expect.

Altitude Sickness

A few worries about altitude sickness and asks him to walk on the risk of this disease. Altitude sickness has severe symptoms and can cause dizziness, making all the wrong decisions, pride, unconsciousness and death. The disease is caused by lack of oxygen or a mismatch between the nitrogen and the oxygen in the blood and the question you should ask is whether you run that risk in ballooning. Above an altitude of 10,000 feet, the air begins to be significantly thinner. At an altitude above 13,000 feet, there is no oxygen in the air and you can not survive. The risk is therefore between 10,000 and 13,000 feet altitude. A balloon can technically sail at this level but will sail in practice never to that extent in the Netherlands and not just because the pilot bastards know well that there is too little oxygen. A balloon is a cozy getaway and guests want to communicate among themselves with the people and often screaming that looks a little garden neat and ask if they can get a cup of coffee. In short, they do not look at one kilometer altitude because then the world you already considerably smaller. As a rule, dangers in the Netherlands at an altitude of 1000 feet or lower so at best, so ?? s 300 meters. Only occasionally higher risk will be for instance as a control tower that desire. In the Alps, where also balloon, which is obviously different but you will not find it surprising that requirement which must be on board at level crossings required for each guest oxygen.

Fear of flying

It actually never asked or infrequent but fear of flying is actually the fear of flying. People who often have to suffer a combination of anxiety and fear of flying sometimes associated with claustrophobia and / or vertigo. People can only have a fear of flying during takeoff or landing, others have during level flight anxiety. Research has shown that they also have fear of the idea that their life is put in the hands of another person, in this case the pilot. Confirm the reports about the crash of aircraft or strengthen their anxiety only. Someone with this anxiety is hard to convince them that a balloon is a pleasure.

Fear of heights

This is the fear that most people have problems with when they wonder whether or not in the balloon will suffer from vertigo. What is really afraid of heights? Very inconvenient yes and research has shown that a small 90 percent of people ever have a situation in which he surely knew what was anxious at a given hoogte.Het You will not be surprised that through scientific research with baby ?? s demonstrated that innate fear of heights. The one, however, develops a massive fear of heights while another that has less or no experience. Incidentally, also found that as you get older, the risk of increasing heights and it has happened that people who never suffered from vertigo suddenly find that they have been well affected. That still does not answer your question? Vertigo is said that you have only bother you if you still have contact with the ground so that YOU example, a gallery of flat state and looks down. If you stand in the basket of a balloon, you do not touch it and would void the heights. That's the story that each balloon pilot will tell you but pilot does not always. Their story, however, have to defend because 9 out of 10 people with vertigo after about 10 minutes, no longer suffer from vertigo and are enjoying the journey. However, a few will keep anxiety over the entire speed, and I can not determine whether you are the one exception. The pilots rarely make it anyway so it remains worth considering your fear once again put to the test. It has been proven that treating vertigo solely by behavioral therapy can thus step by step, a higher object scanning and thus consciously seek a new height. Talking to the psychiatrist about suffocating shoes with high heels in the youth or reading self-help books on the subject in any case meaningless. You're the only one who can take a step higher.
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What is written this brilliant and funny ... It sarrcasme at the right times and yet seriously! Well done! Unfortunately, I'm still not convinced about stepping into Liked it certainly very nice to read! Greetings Nicole


Thank you Nicole, I wrote it with pleasure. I'm balloon pilot ... yes, with vertigo. I love Paris but nobody gets me on the Eiffel tower for example, but, imagine I could take off my balloon next to the Eiffel Tower ... no problem! Almost 99 percent of those with vertigo that go along with the basket, overcoming that after fifteen minutes but admittedly, many people are afraid of heights, I can not convince. I'm sure you'd enjoy but of course respect your decision. I liked the fact that you enjoyed everything lezen.Groetjes Peter