Visitors Permit for residents in Amsterdam East

Friends, family and / or friends can be a lot cheaper parking in Amsterdam Oost. Since January 1, 2014, visitors to residents in East Amsterdam through a visitors permit a maximum of 10 hours per month parking with 50% discount. How to apply for a visitor's permit and how a visitors permit?

What is a visitors permit?

In Amsterdam East residents can apply for a visitor's permit per address. The visitors may permit the residents of this address their visit up to 10 hours a valet park with 50% discount.

Cition in Amsterdam East

The implementation of parking enforcement in Amsterdam Oost done by Cition. They are responsible for all areas in Amsterdam where paid parking. When Cition visitors permit must be requested.

Applications visitor's permit

The visitors permit must be requested by the residents themselves. This can be done in
Log done through your DigiD. If you have no DigiD it must first be requested
After logging in the visitor's permit may be requested by the resident. Within 5 working days you will be notified by e-mail or the visitor's permit is granted. If this is the case, you can immediately upgrade the balance and to register visit.
One address per visitor's permit can be requested.

Phone or online

The visitor's permit can be used online or by phone. For telephone usage must be filled out some information beforehand.

How does the visitor's permit if you use the phone?

Under the tab data some personal information must be completed. To start a parking session, the telephone number and a PIN code needed. Call 020-2150077 and enter the PIN. (if you call from a phone other than the specified phone number, this number is also required. Give the registration number of the visitor.
At the end of the visit you log in the same way down to the car.

How does online visitors permit?

Enter the license plate of the visitor and click Start now. Report after the visit the vehicle.

Has to be made between the visitor's permit and the scratch card?

Residents 65 years and older and for disabled in Amsterdam East can for their visit also use the so-called scratch card. When the scratch card can visit up to 72 hours of parking per quarter for 50% of the normal rate.
The visitors permit and the scratch card can not name one, but one address (65+ asks visitors permit and the other scratch card).


It is a trial that will last a year. Beginning in 2015 checks whether the visitor's permit remains.

Costs parking in Amsterdam East

Rates range from E 2.40 to E 4.00 per hour. Check on the website Cition of the current rates and times that must be paid by the visit.