Volkswagen Beetle

The end of 2011 he is: the new Volkswagen Beetle. He follows his predecessor: the New Beetle which rolled after years of development in 1998 for the first of the band. The car takes its inspiration in the old Volkswagen Beetle, which by now already 75 years ago saw the light.


The name Beetle has been around as long as the car for the first time the band rolled: over 75 years ago. In the Netherlands we know the car like the Beetle, which of course has the same meaning. The characteristic shape is the first reason for the choice of the name. Did you know that Ferdinand Porsche designed the Beetle?


Beetle had to be a car that had to mobilize the German people. It had to be a vehicle that was able to provide a minimum of two adults and three children. Reliability was also high priority. Was the car so before the Second World War, only after the war, the automobile became popular. In 1972 the number stood even at 15,007,034 units. This Volkswagen was officially brand the best-selling car in the world. They took over from Ford with their Model T Ford. Eventually, more than 21.5 million copies of the original model sold. In 2003 the production was put stop. The last ones rolled in Mexico of the band.

The New Beetle

In 1998, the New Beetle is introduced. Many years of development to the model were its advance. In 1994 there already is a concept at the North American Motor Show in Detroit. The concept is extremely well received and is leading the development of the concept into a production model. The characteristic convex form, is clearly recognizable the old Beetle, speak to many people. The model is different in that sense from the traditional lines of cars ?? s and is therefore very popular. An open variant will not occur until 2003. The car does get a stamp ?? woman car ?? and is not really a car in which the man sees himself driving. The largest group of customers is therefore woman.

The Beetle

In 2011, finally the next model in the line there. The car has been named Beetle and therefore loses the addition New. The new model is slightly longer and wider. It is, however, slightly lower. The distinctive curved formation remains, but the next Beetle should just also appeal more to the male audience. The new lines have to do that. An open variant comes only in 2012, primarily due to the net have introduced two other open car ?? s by Volkswagen, the Golf cabrio and the restyling of the Eos. Volkswagen Beetle delivers to the market launch with a 1.2 a 1.4 and a 2.0 TSI petrol engine or a 1.6 liter TDI diesel unit. Volkswagen has managed to keep the starting price of the all-new Beetle among the twenty thousand euro. The starting price is set at 19 990 euros for the Beetle 1.2 TSI.

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