Warehouse truck BT and Toyota

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Warehouse truck, also known as industrial tractors are widely used in logistics. They are ideal for transporting goods and materials along in a company, especially when just-in-time operations. Warehouse trucks are available in different weight classes, with a pull of 500 kg up to 49 000 kg. The different types range from trailing to sitting. You can buy one, but rent is also an option if you need a certain period there alone.

What is BT?

BT was founded in 1946 and established in 1952 in Mjölby. The company has from the outset specialized in the transport of goods and materials. BT focuses in particular on the production of devices for the transport of goods in a company. BT is part of Toyota Material Handling Group. This group has the whole world as a market.

What weight classes warehouse trucks are there?

For the plurality of applications of industrial tractors, there are different weight classes designed so that the appropriate device can be used for the appropriate activity. The categories in different weight are:
  • Climb 1000 kg
  • Platform 500 kg
  • Platform 3000 kg
  • Sitting 2000-4000 kg
  • Sitting 4000-6000 kg
  • Sitting 49 000 kg

Climb 1000 kg

With BT Unimover you move roll cages up to 1000 kg. With a minimum of effort, it is possible to transport safely and quickly over flat roll cages, but also rough uneven floors. The characteristics of the BT Unimover are:
  • Pulling power 1000 kg / 1 ton
  • Ergomisch design
  • Suitable for roll cages and trolleys

Platform 500 kg

The BT Ergo Mover AC tractor is a very manoeuvrable truck warehouse with many different trolleys. The goods can be placed directly on the trolley which makes working with this device runs very efficiently. With BT Ergo Mover AC, you can draw several trolleys to a total weight of 500 kg. If you use trolleys with brakes then you can go up to a total weight of 1000 kg. Because you can link the warehouse trolleys this truck is very suitable for moving goods between warehouses and production departments. For just-in-time operations.
The characteristics of the BT ERGOMOVER AC are:
  • Drawing ability to 500/1000 kg
  • Very low step 65 mm
  • Simple control and operation
  • Unique coupling system
  • Battery exchange
  • Suitable for warehouse, offices and hospitals

Platform 3000 kg

BT Tow Truck TSE300 you can use for a variety of tasks. The most suitable is this warehouse truck in the use of order sets at companies where continuous goods need to be moved. The most advantage of this warehouse truck you have to just-in-time principles. You can move with the BT Tow Truck TSE300 loads up to 3000 kg. The truck is equipped with BT Powerdrive for optimum operation. The characteristics of the BT Tow Truck TSE300 are:
  • Drawing ability to 3000 kg
  • Travel speed 9 km / h
  • Comfort cab driver Bale
  • Robust chassis
  • Very stable

Sitting 2000-4000 kg and 4000-6000 kg

If you are looking for horizontal transport than an electric terminal tractor is a good solution. This machine is equipped with solid tires or super-elastic tires. At each site terminal tractors can be used. The pneumatic tires and increase the stability and provide easier to control a whole. The speed of the machine is between 9 and 18 km / h. Because of this speed you excellent goods and materials transported over longer distances.
The characteristics of an electric towing truck are:
  • Drawing power from 4000 to 6000 kg
  • 9 forward speed to 18 km / h
  • Extremely high torque
  • Comfort cab driver Bale
  • Robust chassis
  • Very stable

Sitting 49 000 kg

Machines that can draw up to 49 tons are called diesel tractors Toyota. With a diesel truck you can transport heavy loads on steep grades and rough surfaces. This heavy duty machine is equipped with a very comfortable driver's compartment so that the driver remains longer fit and alert. Thus optimum safety guaranteed in the ministry.
The diesel tractor is equipped with pneumatic tires which positively affect the stability and steering force. The torque goes up to a total weight of 49 000 kg. The machine is specifically designed for transporting large loads between distant points from each other. The maximum speed is 30 km / h.
The characteristics of the diesel tractor are:
  • Pull up to 49 000 kg
  • Extremely high torque
  • Comfort cab driver Bale
  • Robust chassis
  • Very stable