Ellewoutsdijk and Terneuzen to the Westerschelde linked. The tunnel is 6.6 kilometers long. A bridge had also been a possibility but can no big ships to pass underneath it. Therefore, there is selected for an underground tunnel with two tubes, each with a single direction of travel. It is a special project because the ground is very soft and there is much chance of collapse. Because the base is so soft they sprayed first a mixture of water and bentonite in. Bentonite is a porous stone of volcanic origin. It is composed of tiny particles, which swell as it absorbs water. It becomes a kind of jelly and forms a tough waterproof layer.


In Germany, created exclusively for the two tunnel boring machines. Construction work lasted fifteen months. Then the parts were transported to the construction site. It took another three months to put together in them. The drilling shield consists of three parts: a front piece, a middle and a tailpiece. The total length is 11.5 meters. The piece is a round metal shield, including a count room and a work room. The excavation chamber is also called the cut portion because the front of the cutting edge is. This round disk can pay two sides and consists of six arms with a total of 64 teeth. Those teeth burrow through the ground. Before kond start digging, the tunnel builders had first a hole 22 meters deep graves. In it they put a big concrete wall of 24 meters. From here began digging the tunnel. Every day the tunnel was an average of twelve meters longer. So it has taken years to make that 6.6 kilometers. For the entire tunnel 6600 tunnel washers are used, so there are 3300 per tube. A tunnel also ring again consists of seven parts and a keystone. It's a lot of work to provide all the tunnel rings. On the site are those rings made. The construction site was next to the tunnel and is 35 hectares. On the site is even a special concrete factory built and railway lines have been built. To prevent that one would dig skew the tunnel boring machine is fully computerized. In order to steer the drill bit in the right direction, they used a laser beam. Which is directed to the rear of the machine. Finally, you can not look ahead, you would see only dark earth. As long as the drill is exactly the same pathway as the laser beam goes well. If there is still something to happen, then the computer calculates very quickly the new course.


The construction of the tunnel has cost in total so ?? s 750 million. To build the tunnel and to design 88 months have been necessary. The architects had sixteen months needed. For the construction there have been needed as much as 72 months. Not only for the construction of the tunnel but also for the reduction. This includes all activities, such as the installation of cables, busbars, wiring, ventilation, lining the roads.


Every 250 meters there is a cross connection. Of these, a total of 26. So you can always cross to the other tunnel if something happens. The tunnel also has a detection system. If too high a truck will drive in the tunnel immediately lit a red light. Every 50 meters there is also placed a fire extinguisher and an intercom. With so ?? n intercom can call aid agencies.


Motorcycles and cars ?? s ?? 4.40
?? S car with trailer ?? 6.60
Small trucks, campers and buses ?? 16.20
Big trucks ?? 22.00
Police, Fire, Ambulance and Military vehicles do not pay toll. For subscribers a discount.
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