What is a tape hotel?

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In the winter months it is wise to fit winter tires to leave the car. In the summer months, these tires are not needed. More and more people have for optimal safety when driving two sets of tires, one for winter and one for summer. That means there is always a set of tires to be stored. Who does not leave space can store the tapes in a tape hotel. What is a tape hotel?

What is a tape hotel?

A tire hotel has a specially equipped warehouse used for winter tires in the summer and summer tires in the winter. Such warehouses are often run by companies in tires. The storage takes place in areas that are kept as constant as possible of temperature and humidity. Also, there is minimal lighting and so little UV radiation. In this way, the rubber of the tire is optimally protected against aging, making the tires last longer.

Why a tape hotel?

More and more people choose to turn let in the winter months winter tires on their cars. This is safer riding in the season with rain, snow and slippery roads. That means that summer tires must be stored somewhere. In the summer, this is true for the winter, with the rise in temperature can again be replaced with summer tires. For people who do not have such a large storage barn goes quickly: where to put four tires that season that you do not need? That need is anticipated by the hotel band.

How does a tire hotel?

The tires are stored by the band hotel badge, and the wheel position is recorded. The likelihood of confusion is virtually eliminated with this. The customer at the beginning of the winter season, an appointment. The summer tires are changed for winter tires, the tire hotel regulates the storage of summer tires. About half a year later the same thing happens for the summer season: the tires are changed and the removed snow tires are stored. The customer always drive with the most suitable tires for the season and therefore as safe as possible. The winter season run from about November to March.

What does the band hotel more?

For the price the customer pays for the rental of the space, so the storage of tires, which are also covered during storage. Some hotels band send the customer a reminder in time when it's time for change. In addition to changing the tires themselves are balanced. The tires are inspected before storage on pebbles etc. in the profile. Sometimes the rims are cleaned as a service. Possibly minor repairs can be performed. When it's time to take the tires back into use will be checked tread depth and tears. If it is necessary, often by the hotel band, the old tires are replaced with new ones.

What does the use of a tape hotel?

Prices vary, some tire hotels charge an all-inclusive price for the exchange and storage, other calculate separately the costs of changing and storage. Balancing is sometimes included, sometimes this must be paid separately. Prices for changing only tires is lower than for changing wheels with tires. For storage of six months of a set of tires, including changing and balancing must be counted, at least about 50 to 60 euros. These costs are twice a year, is indeed changed twice. The prices and terms vary by company.

Where to find his tie hotels?

In many regions of the country to find its tire hotels. Most have a website, which also contains information about the prices and conditions.