Wheels and tires replaced

Wheels and tires are ideal to decorate a car. The standard tires and wheels are therefore quickly replaced by a size bigger and wider. But what is the effect on driving performance?

Larger wheel size, same tire circumference

It is the cheek height which accounts for a major part of the communication between the wheel and the road surface. Will the circumference of the tire equal but takes the wheel size increase, it becomes the sidewall lower. Optical seen indicates that while an improvement, but the comfort is by no means will allow. After all, the cheek of a tire which has a spring action and will be less.
The car will send something directly but are more susceptible to rutting. Because the distance between the tread edge and the rim is smaller, there need to be deformed less rubber before the wheel movement is transmitted to the road surface. With the result that you can speed through the turn.

Wide tires have less rolling resistance.

Although the tire rolling resistance is largely determined by the tire, it is a fact that wide tires to reduce rolling resistance. This has to do with the spring behavior: in narrow bands, the band is leveling off, in particular in the direction of travel, with wide tires, this effect occurs especially in the width direction.

Tyres with a larger tire circumference

Take the tire circumference after installing different tires, it could have the following effects:
  • Fuel consumption may decrease slightly because the vehicle is moving at cruising speed at a lower speed.
  • Your speedometer indicates a low speed. So you run the risk of being ticketed without the speedometer indicates exceeding the speed limit.
  • The car also will accelerate less quickly because there is a longer transmission.

Tires with smaller perimeter

Have the new tire on the other hand a smaller circumference than the original tires, then the possibility exists that you speedometer designates a higher speed than is actually driven. The car will also by accelerating slightly faster.

Restrictions on fitting wider tires

The installation of wider tires, you can not use with impunity.
  • Please note that, for example, be an additional load on the bearings, which can lead to excessive wear.
  • The car will also send heavier as the wheels move slightly more difficult on the tarmac.
  • Too wide tires, often also combined with a lowering kit - can get on compression or send in the wheel and cause damage. And the tapes themselves will also wear out sooner than you would like.

Exaggerate not widen with. Besides, legally the track can only 2% of what standard is stated in the vehicle register.

Wide tires not only visually beautiful, often safer

For an owner who wants to decorate his car, wide tires offer not only an optical benefits, but can drive through the wider contacts with wide tires are also safer. Had wide tires in earlier days under wet conditions are major disadvantages, thanks to a brilliant compound and sophisticated tire constructions that problems have been resolved.
Features like stuurprecizie, cornering stability and braking distance are positively influenced by wide tires. But who does not want unpleasant surprises come to be, may arrange to inform the most extensively by the dealer. And remember, tuning should not only look good, but should also be safe. Do you therefore to the tread depth.