Winter: Tips to protect your car against freezing and snow

maltchi 16-01-2018 Auto
Snow and frost provide not only picturesque images and snow fun for skaters and skiers, but can also cause problems in traffic. A lot of cars have starting problems and the way drivers should be careful on slippery and snowy roads. Having an ice scraper and a windshield washer antifreeze to your frozen panes to make clean is not a luxury. A winter package with jumper cables can be very useful because in this way you have all the necessary tools to quickly resolve winter car problems. Finally, there are winter tires recommended for better safety on the road. To guard your car against extreme winter weather should you look for a few things. An overview.

Car Problems by snow

Frost and snow not only make for pretty pictures but can also adversely affect traffic. Cars have problems with starting and also when you're off again, it remains careful on slippery and snowy roads. Protect your car in proper manner against the negative effects of snow, frost and cold is therefore a must.

Ice Scraper

Suppose you want to leave your car to work, and he is completely overlooked. The first thing you need to do of course is make all your windows clean. Make sure you always have an ice scraper on hand to scratch or take away the snow, the frost from the windscreen. Also clean the rear window and side windows of your car clean: it is certainly not only the windscreen that you need on the go. Remember that the side windows and the rear window are important for good vision to include overtaking and parking.


If your diamond alone is covered with frost, it can also come in handy aerosol spray that causes the monarch dissolves immediately and the windows are clean. During the winter you can also use a special windshield washer antifreeze to prevent you from freezing windshield.

Frozen panes prevent

If your evening leave your car for the night, place a piece of cardboard or a blanket on the windscreen so that the window can not freezing. Also, remember that you make the front and rear lamps you completely clean and strips of snow, because visibility is very important, especially in the dark winter days. The brake must be completely clean.


In severe frost may occur that an increased brake freezes over. The frost may cause the parking brake cable freezes, so you can be faced with an unpleasant surprise when in the morning to go to work. If you leave your car at night, it is better to not pull your handbrake on, or else very slightly. Best you put the car in gear and just not use your handbrake.

Engine warm

Before you travel by car, you must first make clean all windows and lamps. In the meantime, you can already start the car so that the engine is already warmed. Please note however that you do not use the wipers, because if they are frozen to the windshield, they can be destroyed. Also make sure you have sufficient windshield washer fluid, because in the winter you often need your wipers. To warm up the battery, you should first moment on and off your headlights. If you switch on the motor, you have to turn off your headlights. Wait also until the engine has warmed up before your electronic devices such as radio and GPS system will use.

Winter tires with frost

By extreme winter weather such as heavy snow and freezing temperatures, it is recommended to use winter tires. Winter tires are safer and provide more grip on the road. Winter tires are more flexible than ordinary tires and have more grooves making the driver feel safer on slippery surfaces. The stopping at winter also much shorter than for regular tires. Winter tires are slightly more expensive than standard tires but are a good investment to avoid problems and accidents on a dangerous road.

Winter package with jumper cables

It is therefore possible that your battery might fail in freezing cold and you need jumper cables to the car again to get the talks. Jumper cables in the car have been in the winter so no luxury, especially when several people in the family, the job should. In that case you can help each other quickly and easily. Some stores also offer jumper cables in a "winter kit for the car," which also includes other useful items that can help you further in wintry problems down the road.