Winter tires: driving with winter tires is not too expensive?

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Winter tires are there to increase security during periods when it is colder. But for many people, winter tires are still a considerable expense. Or so they think. For as long as winter tires are used, the summer tires do not wear out. The cost of winter tires in a row.

It is far too expensive to drive with winter tires - true or false?

Many people think that they are much more expensive if they go away by summer and winter tires. However, if the one species is under the carriage, the other kind do not wear. But what makes a calculation about winter tires now truly on:
Take an average midsize car that runs an average of 160,000 kilometers. A set of tires is approximately 40,000 kilometers along. An average band costs so ?? s 135 euros and a winter tire for that type is about 90 euros. Who drives 160,000 km, so wear ?? s twelve bands. Who pays for driving on summer tires only 1620 euros. Whoever 100,000 kilometers driving on summer tires and summer tires in 60.000 pays six and four summer tires winter tires with steel wheels. Also, the replacement of two winter tires, we take on for convenience. In that case, to be paid 1525 euros, while driving on summer tires alone cost 1620 euro. With winter driving in the winter is also financially advantageous. This calculation is also not swapping the tires and possibly save the tires included. That included then driving with winter tires about as expensive as just driving with summer tires.

Driving without winter tires abroad: excluded

Many people do not know that many countries put winter tires mandatory. Netherlands do not, but in the following countries, you have your car ready for the weather and that also means that you must have winter tires. This applies to:
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • France
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

I am a foreigner in your country, I do not need winter tires

Who thinks he as a tourist in another country shall be relieved of the obligation to carry snow tires on his car has very wrong. Foreign car ?? s must have winter tires in the above countries. Besides safe is additionally also for the own wallet wise to the tires or to have: who gets a crash so ?? s land while there are no snow under the car, can also be held liable. Even if the other person is to blame for the collision.

High fines or car confiscated abroad because a car does not have winter tires

In addition, the fines do not lie to drive in some countries if the inspection reveals that without winter tires. In Germany this was still a few bucks, but in Austria is that the fine even 5000 euros or seizure of the car. In Finland, any car from December 1 to March 1 winter tires, even though it is 20 degrees above zero.

Skidding wear on the tires

Normal summer tires have less grip on the road to decline as the temperatures. Down 7 degrees, the summer tire is more slippage. What many people do not know is that slip the main cause of wear. Moreover, the loss of grip on the road at the expense of road holding and braking. Rain, snow and sleet make braking much smaller.

Where a winter tire is more than a summer tire?

A winter tire has a different composition than a summer tire. Thus, the winter at lower temperatures remain softer and therefore takes more grip on the road than the summer tire which is much harder when it gets colder.
Also, the profile of a winter tire is different than that of a summer tire. Thus, water is discharged at a much better winter weather and that makes for shorter braking distances, directional stability during cornering and when starting on an incline.

Tread of a winter tire

A winter tire loses its specific characteristics, the profile is less than 4 millimeters. The good news is that so ?? n ?? cut reason ?? winter or simply cut reason can be like summer tire. In the summer wear so ?? s winter tire a bit more, but the grip and behavior on wet surfaces is sufficient and responsible. Summer tires should not be used as the tread depth is only 1.6 millimeters.

Winter makes much more noise

Makes a winter more noise than a summer tire? No, that's a myth. In any case, nowadays with newer materials. Only cornering the winter may be to hear something better.

Winter tires are also necessary as you drive very little?

Someone who rarely go by car on the road, do not go abroad, to leave the car if there is snow or freezing temperatures, may very well without winter tires. But people who drive a lot, going on skiing holidays or who often have to deal with winter conditions, would do well to secure the road to deal with winter tires when the mercury drops.

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