Winter tires, what they are and when you use them

Many people exchange as appointment of the wintry weather, their summer tires for winter tires. What tires and why they are recommended by wintry weather?

What winter?

Winter tires are special tires for your car for the winter. With winter weather such as snow and ice, they are safer to ride than summer tires. The rubber of a winter tire is specially adapted to the winter weather.

Difference with summer tires

A winter tire is different than a summer tire. The rubber composition of the winter tire is different. When it gets colder outside, then the rubber tires harder. In a winter tire rubber compound remains flexible under winter conditions, the special rubber of the tire. You have a better grip on the road, driving more comfortable and hence you drive safer. Also, the profile of a winter tire is different from that of a summer tire. The profile of the winter tire has '' lamellae ''. When you are driving distorts the profile of the tire and engage the slats themselves to the road. Because the profile deforms slightly, the snow does not stay attached to the band, but falls off again.
That it is a winter, you'll see a symbol on the sidewall of the tire. It is a mountain with a crystal of ice. Also, there are M + S stand which means mud and snow. The latter are actually four season tires, but also in countries where winter tires are compulsory, approved. Tyre tread must be at least 1.6 mm, is regulated by law. For snow tires are recommended at least 4 mm.

When winter tires?

When the temperature falls below -7 degrees and a lot of rain falls, it is wise to drive with winter tires.

Winter tires are mandatory in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, winter tires are not mandatory. However, be advised. Also by the ANWB.

Where winter tires are mandatory?

In Germany, for example, one is required to drive with snow tires during the winter. If that is not done, you can expect a fine. But in addition to Germany, there are still many countries where winter tires are compulsory. See a list on: Wikipedia Winter.

Where to buy good winter tires

There are many websites that winter tires are sold online. For example, the website of Popgom. It is important that you choose tires of good quality. The ANWB did in 2012, the last winter test. Different sizes winter tires are hereby tested. Test results can be found at: Winter Test ANWB
There is assessed during this test:
  • Grip in all common situations on dry pavement, wet pavement, on snow and on ice.
  • Sound
  • Consumption
  • Wear resistance
  • Durability at high speed