You get driving license? What"s on the market?

Waron 02-01-2018 Auto
You are finally so old that you can start with the lessons for your driving test. You have saved hard and now you have to make a choice in the many traffic schools there. This choice is not easy, in this article you can read more about choosing a good traffic school and thus a good way to get your license.

The cost of a driver's license

Prices for a license can really vary. Too much difference in the package you choose to get your license. The average fee for a license is about 2000 euro. There are people who sit well below this amount, but there are more people who are far above this amount. Always make sure you have extra money, if you are indeed failed you yet one more time again to go for your driver's license you have nothing else. A lesson of one hour costs about about 40 euros. If you want your exam at this costs about 275 to 300 euros. Your theory test costs about 40 euros and if you want to buy books to learn your theory, you can buy these second best of friends or the Internet.


There are different packages on the market. Not every package to suit everyone. So you will have to check with yourself go well what kind of person you are. Also, the packages at the one person with more classes than the other person. Some driving schools do advance a lesson which they can determine how many hours you'll have some needs.
What kind of package you can build?
There are many ways to stop in your package. Often there are more opportunities for large driving schools to a private individual. Great driving schools can one evening many people of lessons, for example, provide a simulator or theory lesson. This pension is more difficult and therefore often not available. Below are the possibilities of what can be present in your package:
  • Simulator lessons
  • Theory lessons
  • Theory exam
  • Driving lessons
  • Slip course
  • Interim test
  • Practical exam

The choice of a particular package
See you at the very lessons in a car? Have you laid out very scared and very nervous? Then you advance the best take classes on a simulator. You're then in a car seat with a screen in front of you where you see the road and other road users. Your car is the same as in real life, you can brake, accelerate, turn, he falls out when you do something wrong and so on. By first practice in a simulator you already know how the car works and you are often less nervous if you get in a real car.
Are you not nervous and have for instance been motorbike or tractor driven? Then the simulator is often not meaningful and is the simulator waste of money. Think carefully what kind of person you are.
If you have a hard time learning from your theory than the theory lessons can be useful. Often given these lessons one night and you sit with a group of people who also find it difficult to learn their theory. Do not have problems with learning your theory, then the theory lesson unnecessary.
A skid course is not mandatory and may be extra added to a package. Often you have to be here to pay. If you like this seems to do it again, you can take this as well, but this is not mandatory.
The rest of the package, except for the interim test, which is very useful since you can achieve in exemption here for special operations, is required. You can not get your earlier practice exam then you've achieved your theory test and the driving lessons and practice exam are mandatory.