Burgers Zoo in 2013 celebrates its centenary

Burgers Zoo consists in March 2013 one hundred years and this is cause for celebration. For many it will be a good reason to once a day to this extraordinary animal. Some people have a season ticket for Burgers Zoo, which is attractive because one can see the behavior of the animals throughout the year. In any season, the zoo and otherwise by the special construction this park is also recommended in all seasons.

Emergence of Citizens So

On March 30, 1913 the founder Johan Burgers made his exotic animal collection open to the public. He owned a collection of exotic animals and a large collection of pheasants which was already the largest in the world. The animals were brought in 1924 from 's Heerenberg Arnhem. Johan Burgers tried to hide when all the animals are not behind bars, but they provide a good environment. The management was taken over by his son Renier van Hooff and later by his son Antoon van Hooff.

Antoon van Hooff

Antoon van Hooff was a grandson of Johan Burgers and he has been for many years the director of the zoo. After the Battle of Arnhem in 1945 destroyed a large part of the park. The passion was Antoon both to investigate the lives of animals in nature but also to design projects in this sector. His ideal was to rebuild the animal on a small scale. Regular park was extended and we all remember the wonderful statements which Anton van Hooff on television kept in the seventies with the program Yes, of course .In 1968 after Anton director had been started with the safari park where one of their own car could drive through the park. When it was announced that a Finn from the car dragged by a lion safari park got the world recognition. In 1988 was opened Burgers Bush. Antoon has also been the founder of the Lucie Citizens Foundation, which funds research for the protection of animals living in the wild. Anton van Hooff died in 2004. He was succeeded by his son Alex van Hooff.


Eco-displays are the latest development in zoos. They try to make the living space of the animals as large as possible and choose a natural environment. Burgers Bush was the first of this natural setting that was made in 1988. Because the habitat as widespread as it is possible to reconstruct, both plants and animals be included. Sometimes it happens that animals eat plants or damage as is done in the wild and then be taken any measures. Examples of eco-displays are as follows:
  • The Bush
  • The desert
  • The Ocean
  • Mangrove
  • Safari
  • Rimba
  • Kids jungle

Who Burgers Bush has ever visited will be amazed by how the rainforest here was established. The climate, the humidity, the presence of tropical plants is special. Only when you are used to this atmosphere you see the animals in the bush. Thus we discover tropical birds and lizards. But you see the capybara and even bats. A wonderful experience.
The desert
Here you have the feeling of being in the desert. We see beautiful cacti and agaves. The temperature can vary greatly here. It can viz also ice cold in the desert. Besides dry riverbeds are also caves and mountain slopes. We can see beautiful songbirds and bighorn sheep. We also find pekaris to.
The Ocean
One can imagine this place right to be in a tropical coral reef. There you can see all kinds of reef fish and sea anemones as well as sharks. We also see stingrays and sea cucumbers. The Ocean is a wonderful experience where you learn a lot about the life of the fish in the ocean.
Here they have created a mangrove forest where trees and plants live in brackish water. They are literally with their roots in water. In this particular environment, we find river turtles and mangrove herons. Also be admired there are snake-necked birds.
If we go on safari we see wild animals. This can also Burgers Zoo. In a beautiful savannah landscape at the edge of the rocks we see lions, wildebeest, zebras and giraffes just like in the wild. From an observation one can view the cheetahs. Even the mighty rhinoceros is here.
The Rimba is a tropical rainforest as we find it in Malaysia. It is a completely new project, the Malayan sun bears have their shelter. Pythons and monitor lizards crawling under the ground. Gibbons swinging in the trees. Here you'll find the home of the tiger.
The animal
A walk through the zoo's another unusual experience. The animals received as much free space as possible. We see gorillas at the gorilla island. There are also 15 chimpanzees. Elephants and reindeer are not lacking, and so one can also admire the warthog and the coati. In bad weather you can watch the animals do in winter stay. It is very special to download the free treasure hunt through the park before they will visit. Please see the website: Burgers Zoo
Kids jungle
New this year is the open where kids jungle villages on stilts as South and Central American model and children can play. It is an indoor playground where it can go 300 children. From a terrace, the parents and / or grandparents can keep an eye on children.

Opening hours and parking

Burgers Zoo is open all year round, even during holidays. There is a large car park. One can buy a parking badge at the box office. Guided tours are possible. Pets are not allowed here. For small children, there are strollers available.