Be limited to an hour of music per day to protect his ears

fervea 01-03-2017 Health

The World Health Organization calls young people to protect their hearing. A teenager in seven in the world is threatened by hearing.

"Hearing when it is lost, does not return," this is how Dr. Shelley Chahda, Department of Prevention of blindness and deafness of the World Health Organization, launched the alert for the threat of hearing damage among young people. More than a billion of them are threatened worldwide. In case the noise level concerts and nightclubs, as well as the headphones and audio devices.

WHO estimates that about 50% the number of young people aged between 12 and 35 years exposed to too high noise levels and too long which can lead to irreversible hearing damage.

In theory, work the noise level should not exceed 85 decibels, which is equivalent to traffic noise during rush hour when in his car. However, staff working in bars and nightclubs is exposed to levels bordering 100 decibels.

According to WHO recommendations, the overexposure should not be held more than a quarter of an hour a day.

While protecting his hearing

So to protect his ears, we follow the preventive measures recommended by experts: reduce the volume of audio devices and smartphones when you listen to music, do not use these devices over an hour a day, put plugs in ears when you are in noisy places and try to take breaks whenever possible. Monitor his hearing by regular checks is equally important.

WHO calls on health authorities to work on regulations concerning noise in public places and asked the patrons of nightclubs down the volume of the music.

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