Celiac disease in children adopt what plan?

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One child in 500 suffers from celiac 2 disease: it is one of the most common digestive diseases. Only treatment: establish a strict diet excluding gluten ... Explanations.

Leah was a newborn smile ... Suddenly, about 1 year, when food diversification, its weight and size curves are stopped net. She started having unexplained chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain. His worried parents consulted a pediatrician.

Gluten intolerance, not an allergy

Quickly blood tests have been proposed, and intestinal biopsy to confirm the diagnosis came: Lea suffers from celiac disease. This is the typical picture of the discovery of this gluten intolerance. Celiac disease is actually an intolerance to certain components of the gluten, a protein contained in the wheat grain, wheat, spelled, kamut, rye and barley.

The regular ingestion of gluten in patients with celiac disease children causes atrophy of the villi of their small intestine. This atrophy is the cause of malabsorption in particular resulting in iron deficiency, folic acid and calcium.

No immediate symptom

What you should understand is that celiac disease is by no means a gluten allergy. This is a crucial difference. If a child intolerant to gluten absorbs a small amount, for example at the school canteen or a birthday party, there is absolutely nothing going on. Unlike a gluten allergy which can be the cause of angioedema, although the ingested amount is minimal.

In the case of celiac disease, symptoms appear only when feeding errors are significant or repeated.

Celiac disease: it must remove gluten

The only treatment for celiac disease is to follow a strict lifelong gluten-free diet. In practice, exclude from her diet bread, pasta, cakes, some cereals, cookies, pastries, pizzas, bread crumbs, and all foods that may contain hidden sources of gluten.

Once the system set up, the disappearance of clinical signs is spectacular in young children. Within weeks, digestive symptoms disappear, and one or two years the intestinal mucosa normalizes.

How to replace the excluded foods?

You can replace foods excluded by maize, rice, buckwheat, dried vegetables, potato starch, tapioca, soya ...

Manufacturers offer gluten-free alternative specialties. These vignet├ęs products, available in pharmacies or in organic stores, are partly covered by Social Security. They are classified into four categories: flour, bread, biscuits, pasta. To claim a refund, you must provide a certificate confirming that a biopsy has been performed.

Beware of hidden gluten

When a child suffers from celiac disease, parents should make it a habit to read labels. When the child grows, he must be taught to take responsibility to protect themselves.

Since 2005, a European directive requires systematically label the presence of gluten. This is progress, but there still remains the problem of the contamination of certain foods. When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact the consumer services, consult a dietician or AFDIAG.

- Be particularly careful with dressings which may be thickened with flour.
- Sort packages as lentils because wheat grains may be present.
- Be careful with the coating of certain drugs that may contain hidden gluten. Ask your pharmacist and doctor to thoroughly check the excipients. Take precautions with generic drugs.

To go further: the site of the AFDIAG provides practical information, list of permitted and forbidden foods, the distributors and substitute products manufacturers ...

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