Electronic Cigarette: Marisol Touraine calls for investigation

The electronic cigarette, which reproduces the shape of a conventional cigarette, has many followers in the country. The health minister says he must be "cautious".

The electronic cigarette attracting a growing number of smokers. According to the manufacturers, nearly 500,000 French would be vapoteurs.

The microphone of France Info, the Health Minister has assured to have requested an investigation into the effects of the e-cigarette "I have asked my staff to tell me precisely what type of product it is: is -this one can consider that it is a consumer product? Is it a medical device? What are the characteristics of this product? "Marisol Touraine wants to" benefit-risk assessment of this device. "

This weekend, in an indiscreet Journal du Dimanche, the UDI senator Chantal Jouanno advocated the creation of a parliamentary information mission on the electronic cigarette. "There is a real lack of clarity for the consumer that should be overcome. "

The Medical Products Agency recommends not using it

This e-cigarette has at its end a diode visually simulating combustion. During suction, the solution present in the cartridge is heated, and the vapor produced is inhaled by the user.

In May 2011, the Medical Products Agency had recommended "not to use electronic cigarettes" stressing that these products can not be sold in pharmacies. They are available online or at specialty shops.

The Agency states that no electronic cigarette has a marketing authorization as a medicine, no manufacturer has filed a request to that effect.

A risk of addiction

The spent cartridge can be replaced by bottles "e-cash", composed of propylene glycol or glycerol in various flavors and optionally nicotine.

The MSNA stresses that these solutions contain amounts of nicotine more or less important, which even at low concentrations "can lead to serious side effects," particularly among children, in case of accidental exposure.

Finally, it concludes by warning about the risk of addiction. "As for the conventional cigarette, electronic cigarettes can consume induce dependence, regardless of the amount of nicotine."

In some countries such as Israel, Singapore, Brazil or Mexico, the electronic cigarette is prohibited.

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