Overweight child: good habits to change

In France, 4.5% of children are overweight and 3.5% obese. Change some eating habits can stop the weight gain and introduce them to the pleasure of eating well.

If overweight and childhood obesity are stabilizing in France, stay alert and monitor the composition, duration, and timing of meals children easily gain weight. Each problem solutions!

My child eats fast

Your son is a "little glutton" who swallows her meal in ten minutes, without chewing properly. Perhaps he hurry to return to play or simply you he imitates. Eating too fast, it could digest bad because he does not mince enough.

It also disrupts their satiety signals and can in fact eat more than necessary. The feeling of satiety is reached indeed that between twenty and thirty minutes after starting a meal. What to do ?

  • With main meals, offer your child entries that require to be well chewed, like salad, grated carrots, raw endive ...
  • Rest for a few minutes between courses and make sure that at least ten minutes have elapsed when you arrive in the middle of the meal.
  • Enforce good manners to your child. For example, "we do not talk with your mouth full," but he may speak between bites.

At 4 years old, my son eats as much as his sister 10 years

This is a gourmet and a big eater. A full plate does not scare him!

Until the age of 3, you succeed in managing its meal. But today he really insists in having more and more. What to do ?

  • At this age, your child is not used alone, it is you who fill his plate. Observe the daily proportions corresponding to it, or 40-50 g of meat, fish or egg, 3 tablespoons of vegetables and 3 tablespoons of starch, 3-4 dairy and 2 tablespoons oil 2 large or butter. Not to mention a small piece of bread with every meal.
  • Reduce portions gradually or all at once, depending on how your child reacts. There is no question of starvation.

Coming home from school, he nibbles until evening

Eating two or three biscuits and drinking a juice glass home from school, it is normal. But soon chaining 5:30 p.m. with a candy bar, 18 hours with some candy and 6:30 p.m., because he is always alone, with several squares of chocolate, this is not good.

This is called a "blanket feeding", designed to reassure your child - that to be alone until you return anguish. What to do ?

  • Before leaving in the morning, prepare him a balanced snack, he will find, returning in the kitchen. It may consist of a glass of milk, a yoghurt or a portion of cheese, bread or biscuits 2 to 6 and a fruit or orange juice.
  • Besides its taste, see with him what he likes to do and offer him an activity program late afternoon so that food does not take the top: lessons and homework for the next day, reading, puzzle ...

At the table, he only drinks sweetened

Soda, juice, syrup ... your child loves. Warning, the more it consumes sugary drinks, the more in demand because it absorbs more sugar, the more his body demands! What to do ?

  • Only water is indispensable. It bland judge? Propose a fragrant mint leaf or a slice of lemon.
  • Give flavored water. Some water is calorie-free, as Badoit or Salvetat Vertigo lemon flavor lemon-lime.
  • Book sugary drinks for special occasions, not more than three drinks per week.
  • Do not salt his food too. The more a child eats salty, the more he is attracted to sugary drinks. This is shown by a study by researchers at Deakin University, Australia, and published in Pediatrics.

He does not like vegetables and some fruits

He scatters his peas on the plate, drops them "unintentionally". It mince beans without swallowing them, but he eats without problems pasta, rice and potatoes! What to do ?

  • Children do not like the color green vegetables choose another color, red or orange as tomato, radish, carrot ...
  • Do not present it the kind but rather vegetable gratins, souffĂ©, pie ... or add spices, herbs ...
  • Remember to mix them with starchy foods he likes, in puree form, for example, or pasta with vegetables, as in Italy.
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