Relax and caress a stressed dog

Veterinary behaviorist, Nicolas Massal explains how to help your dog relax lavishing caresses him good. It works !

... In the right place at the right time!

The place. The trigger operation can only work where the dog can really relax, where nothing can surprise him. The usual place of living is the most appropriate. On holiday, since the animal occupies sufficient space and that it is used to the ambient noise, he can relax as well as at home.

The moment. The best results are obtained when the master is relaxed, he has time and good availability of mind. The dog relaxes more easily that this "moment" with his master is predictable and expected.

"Dogs do not have a watch, but their biological clock is damn well regulated, says Nicolas Massal. If they know that the relaxation occurs fifteen minutes every day when you get home from the office, they expect it and are preparing all the better.
This repetitive and regular aspect of things can only be beneficial: the dog who used relaxation sessions relaxes much faster, as his master. "

A walk or a game on the beach are not conducive to relaxation momments because the dog is in phase stimulation and excitement. The calm will be difficult because it is not what he expects.

It's your choice

Some animals are themselves asylum, they anticipate something already known and put themselves on the back for example to demand caresses: it is a provisioning imposed on the master. You decide who chooses the moment "zero stress": you or the dog!

Adopt the right moves and the right tone with your dog

Touch is essential to get good results.
"The touch of the hand should be permanent. This one, wide open, should slide on the body, calmly explains Nicolas Massal. Do not tap or knead, because these actions stimulate instead of subsiding.
Choose areas appreciated by the animal: the front of the neck, over the head, neck, back, flanks ... Every dog ​​has more or less sensitive areas, just as the master likes petting and some places not others. "

Join the Talk
More than spoken words, it is especially the intonation that is important. Speak softly and slowly in a tone calm and composed.
The benefit will be increased tenfold caresses. This applies even when the animal is hospitalized, it is important for physical and mental health visit him, talk to him and possibly touch it to relax.

Let the cuddle close

It is with his master that the dog relaxes more easily and more completely. He has a sense of protection and reduced alertness which lead him to surrender. Other people may also get him pleasant feelings, but he did not relax much. With children, the animal will always be in a state of "sleep" because he also has a mission of protection against them.

The advice: do not neglect learning

  • In principle, all dogs enjoy relaxing moments. Those who have always received hugs and learned to relax, especially with their master, will have no problem.
  • Only those who have really suffered mothering shortcomings, may have difficulties.
    "However, can be overcome by learning, even when the dog is already an adult," said Nicolas Massal.
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