Sun allergy: how to protect themselves from the summer light eruption?

Buttons on the neckline after a day of beach or hiking? Although it is benign, the summer light eruption ruins your holiday in the sun. Key to tame.

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  • Make a cure of solar capsules ideally one month before
  • Gradually exposing and under protection
  • If the buttons appear, what to do?

You look forward to enjoy the sun. Yet, a few days after the first exposure, if not the next day, small red spots appear, accompanied by itching. Exposed parts are affected: décolleté especially, but also the shoulders, upper back, forearms and even the top of the foot. Fortunately, the face is not reached.

Rather benign summer light eruption affects women with fair skin. Without really knowing why we, the skin reacts abnormally to ultraviolet type A. Lucite can be also triggered by UVA tanning booths.

The best way to avoid it is to forego sunbathing. But frankly, after months waiting for the first rays, it is a difficult advice to follow! Solutions help protect her skin.

Make a cure of solar capsules ideally one month before

Rich in carotenoids, vitamins C and E and selenium, solar capsules strengthen the antioxidant defenses of the skin to better resist the oxidative stress induced by sun exposure.

New beta carotene capsules are formulated free from a French study showed that supplementation, it increased lung cancer risk in smokers and former smokers.

Another interesting and protector: omega-3, whose benefits appear after several weeks of taking.

All food supplements sold in pharmacies have been clinically tested. However, many studies have been conducted on components that dermatologists recommend them to their patients. Which should think, after selecting the right assets, to initiate their treatment early enough, start taking their capsules one month before sun exposure and continue throughout its duration to not have buttons, or at least diminish severity.

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Gradually exposing and under protection

Lucite may reappear every brutal exhibition, a UVA sunscreen and very high UVB remains indispensable! A frequently applied, and generously, especially on "sensitive" areas, as soon as one feels his skin "heated".

The specific textiles even safer when passing a day at the beach or at sea, guarantee a UV protection factor 40, even when wet.

Our selection :

  • this t-shirt, short or long sleeves, provides protection against UV. Water T-shirt UV, Starboard, € 8.95 and € 12.95. Decathlon.
  • this shirt wicks moisture and protects from the sun and insects. Bug Shield Shirt, neck and long sleeves, Columbia, € 69.95. Sports shops.

The first days, it is important to expose gradually: we start with a session of 20-30 minutes and then gradually increasing the length, avoiding hours when UV rays are the most aggressive.

If the buttons appear, what to do?

  • Still, you could not escape the small buttons? A lucite be treated with antihistamines to swallow. The active ingredient is cetirizine.
  • Also can be applied to affected areas of topical corticosteroids.
  • The dermatologist may also prescribe, in prevention, synthetic antimalarial chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, one tablet a day, a week before the show and during the stay. They require a certain supervision because of their adverse effects.
  • Ultimately, the specialist will suggest PUVA, medical UV, the nature and dose are controlled and allow desensitization to the sun.

Some photosensitizing drugs are: ketoprofen, piroxicam, tetracycline, fenofibrate, quinolones ... They make hyperreactive skin to light and may cause a skin reaction.

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